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    This is one that you may have never seen. They were the prototypes or test mules for the Gp50. EMD made less than 20 of them. Most went to the Santa Fe or Southern Pacific. I think the U.P. got 2 and either Southern got 2. The S.P. units were really unusual since they ran on trucks that looked like something out of "Starwars!" The rest of the Gp40x's ran on Blomberg's. They look like a Sd45 until you notice that they are quite a bit shorter and running on 2 axle trucks instead of 3 axle trucks. The primary spotting feature is the flared radiators in the back of the long hood just like the Sd45. The first time I saw one, I thought it was a Sd45 as I approached it from the rear on the Santa Ana Freeway. When I got beside it, I saw it was anly 4 axles and too short to ba a Sd45 and was really "blown away." By the way, the dynamic brakes on the Gp40x are tapered in the front and faired into the radiators like the Sd45 or Gp40 rather than being the square boxes you see on the Gp50. I think the BNSF is still running all of their Gp40x's, but I think the rest have either been traded in, sold off, or scrapped.
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    Saw some photos of UP and SP GP40Xs riding on those experimental high-adhesion HT-B trucks. They do have some components which have a recognizable Blomberg sort of shape to them, so I guess it has its roots in the good ol' Blomberg. Word has it those HT-B trucks have really poor ride quality though, which is one of the reasons why they weren't adopted for general use.
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    I knew they went to one of the Appalachian coal haulers, but I couldn't remember which one. Thanks for the correction.

    Tom, I'm not sure, but I think a lot of the development work for the new high adhesion c trucks found on some of the new superpower locomotives may have come from work done on those High adhesion HT-B trucks. I certainly see a lot of design similarities between them.
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    Here's one a friend took in 2002

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