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    EMD produce the GP40 from November 1965 to December 1971 for a total of 1243 units.
    The GP40 is powered by a 16-645E3 V16 turbocharged prime mover rated at 3000 HP.
    Spotting features.The GP40 has 3 48" fans and no water sight glass like the GP40-2.

    A GP40

    Models..Atlas makes the GP40 in the high and low nose verision..Also Bachmann makes a GP40.
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    Someone gave me a Bachmann gp40.Works ok for 4 wheel drive, looks ok unless put with an atheren.It's number saya it's a SD40(CN)
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    According to the book Contempoary Diesel Spotters Guide(Louis Marre c.1995), most of the main spotting differences between the GP-40 and 40-2 were the bolted down battery boxes(as Tom mentioned in the thread:GP-40 vs. Gp-40-2) and the site glass located on the engineers side, towards the rear. Most was an upgraded electrical. Any GP-40-2 built between the years of 1983 to 1986 had the free flow blower on the left side.

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