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    What are the noticeable outside differences between a GP40, a GP40-2 and a GP40-3?
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    The primary differences between the GP-40 and the "Dash 2" are fairly subtle. The doors on the battery boxes alongside the short hood had bolted on side covers on the -2 as and hindged doors on the earlier GP-40. The -2 also had a rear cab roof that had a tapered overhang that joined the longhood sides a short distance behind the cab, while the
    GP-40's was straight and joined the hood even with the cab rear wall. The -2 had an oval window in a longhood door between the 4th and 5th handrail stachions from the rear to allow easy viewing of the water level sight glass, the GP-40 did not. Many, if not all -2's had an electrical equipment box, rectangular in shape and vertically oriented behind the fireman's side rear cab wall, but many GP-40's also had them retro-fitted. Many -2's also had the new Blomberg M truck, very similar to the original but with dampening struts, 1 per side mounted on diagonal journals, but many -2's came with original version of the Blomberg truck salvaged from trade-ins.

    As I understand it, the GP-40-3 is more of a railfan designation, and is used to denote modernized GP-40's and GP-40-2's that have been de-turbocharged, and have either a standard 2 stack exhaust system, or the 4 stack "liberated" exhaust system pioneered by the Missouri Pacific and Santa Fe railroads.

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    There is a lot of information in the Trainspotter ID forum on the GP40.Check it out and see what's there. If you guys could add some additional information that's not there, it would be welcome.
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    Just added some info on the GP-40 in Trainspotting Thread.
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    The major differences between them are internal -- I think the whole wiring design was changed. The -2 was added only to models that were produced before and after the change, which is why it mainly applied to number around 40. Newer models only came with the -2 features, so they didn't have to say.

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