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    The Gp20 was the first EMD road switcher to come from the factory with a low short hood. Ther are probably other spotting features that I'm not aware of, but the primary spotting feature is the top of the short hood slopes downward toward the front. The rest of the low nose EMD geeps are flat on the top of the short hood.
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    Your right. I forgot that the last Gp9's came from the factory with low noses. I just looked at the links you posted. If 3885 is a factory low nose Gp9, then the sloping hood was also on the factory low nose Gp9, I learn new stuff everyday, now if I could only remember yesterday, I'd be all set!
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    The GP20 was EMD's first commercial offering of the turbo charged locomotive. Phillip-Dodge Mining #38 (built in 1955) and SP 5872-5891 (built 1959) was the first units to have the low nose feature as GP9’s.

    Greg Elems
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