Got started in F-22 Raptor!

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by benhpark, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Hello, I'm now building the F-22 Raptor!!

    I got the model from Mamecraft, and I'm going to add the frame, cockpit, landing gears and all that jazz.

    I think this one is going to be easy, because I have the exact structure in my brain and I almost memorized it! (Visual-spatial intelligence, I suppose)

    I also have a few "mock-ups" but they aren't in a good condition. The rubber glue is blended and mixed up with the toner, making the model to look weird.

    So I'm starting fresh! I threw away the mock-up in the trash can.

    Well, I used scrap pieces of paper from my sketchbook... and the green, transparent panel is made of tape taped on each other. Then I colored with a green permanent marker. The cockpit is my original design. I improvised and went over trials and errors (^o^)

    I also finished the horizontal and vertical wings, which will be attached on the back.

    To be honest, I think I made a piece of rubbish this time also. The white glue is aggravating me to death!! I just hate it when the color changes and I have to replace the parts to make it clean... Bah!

    In the future, I'm going to use Q-tips for the landing gear ^^

    Oh and sorry about the bad quality. My camera sux...

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  2. Dragos

    Dragos Active Member

    This should be interesting!
    Building a low detail freebie as a very dertailed half scrach half frebiee.
    I'm waiting to see the result.
  3. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Well, time for a new update!!

    For the last couple of hours, I worked on my Raptor, and here's the result below:

    A small progress, but otherwise I'm satisfied!

    Again, bad camera... low quality pics... darn it!:curse:

    Well, I'm not sure that this free model would turn into a beauty, but I think I got the stealth features at least on the cockpit part.

    Thanks for the comment, Dragos!

    --Ben Park

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  4. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler


    Okay. More pictures :thumb:

    I did a few mistakes wall1 but I've learned my lesson!

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  5. Gilson Morais

    Gilson Morais New Member

    Don't give up. This will be interesting.
    About the photos, try back way a little. The problem is that you are too close to the model. In some pictures everything is clear except the model. Try that.

    Best regards,
  6. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    Thank you for your tips, Glison!
    Maybe I could make the pics of the model clear next time.
  7. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Interesting build.

    Does your camera have a close up setting - it's usually designated by a flower symbol. That might help too.
  8. greenelf1967

    greenelf1967 Member

    turn on your macro mode on your camera, that should clear up the blur
  9. benhpark

    benhpark Stealth Modeler

    I see all of you guys eager to see the clear pics! Well, here it is.:thumb:
    Thank you all for giving me some tips!:mrgreen:

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