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    These pictures was taken in Columbus around the Front Street bridge below the Columbus Union Station.These was taken in the the early 60s.The camera was a Kodak 120



    Note the NYC passenger train..This train ran from Cincinnati to Cleveland and would be replace by a single RDC2.The switcher is taking a express boxcar to the express building located to West of my location.


    The tracks in the op of the picture is NYC/B&O tracks and the other tracks lead to the station plantforms.This train is heading west on the #2 main.There was also a #3 and 4 main..The routing for these main lines was controlled by a switchtender..The #1 main was the east bound track..Also just to the east of these units is High Street Tower which control train movement for the inbound and outbound trains on the ST.Louis line and all trains entering or leaving the Cleveland Ave yard heading West.


    Heres a picture of the Switchtenders shanty-note the NYC switchers.
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    WOW! All tose pics look like they are from a model railroad! :eek: That's really neat! :thumb:
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    Ralph's for fun!

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    Oh man!! Great stuff!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!
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    Oh wow Brakie!! I thought the third one was a model!!!! :thumb:

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    AWESOME PICS brakie!!!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: THANK YOU!, for posting them:thumb:. :D -Deano

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