Got Pepakura so now the first big question

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by doctormax, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. doctormax

    doctormax Member

    Ok have it now and have the major problem. How do i change a picture in photoshop or illustrator to a file format that it recognises. It doesn't seem to have any of the formats on its list? wall1
  2. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    You mean to import a picture from Phothoshop to Pepakura?...
  3. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    i think you need to be a bit more detailed as to what you are trying to acomplish in pep.
  4. doctormax

    doctormax Member

    I have a load of pictures to use for a project to make a model. but Pepakura does not seem to be able to open them... Doesn't want to open Pdf files or Jpg or gif of any of the other file formats that I have tried so far.
  5. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    pep cant open pdf's. but you can insert an image by going to the 2d pattern tab and choosing insert image. but you understand pepakura is not a modeling program right?
  6. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Pepakura works with models ... not images.
  7. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Pepakura only deals with the unfolding bit, for modeling you can easily download a copy of Google Sketchup ^^

    If you are talking about textures however, yes inconveniently Pepakura only takes bmp and jpg textures...
  8. doctormax

    doctormax Member

    thanks, i got google sketch up. it will take me ages to figure out how to use it. got plenty of time to learn anyway after all i did not years ago know how to use adobe photoshop and illustrator. i found this site in fact with some plans of cars what i figure to scale 1;30 all of them so that is handy for card modeling really.
  9. ssmeier

    ssmeier New Member

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