got hose?????

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  1. i know i do rather cheap again first find old black speaker wire or a old power addapter. cut the wire to the length you desire and carfully pull the wire it self out of the caseing ( cut just for a pair of needle nose plires to get a grip) good luck:p
  2. Dave Harris

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    Another source for scale hose is what they call
    rubber Legs at a fly tying shop. They come in strips that tear apart & are used for Legs on creepy crawleee looking flies.
  3. Painted solder makes great hoses, as it can lay down and drop quite realistically.
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    Spaghetti or spaghettini also works well: cook it a bit beyond al dente and it will be nice and pliable, making it easy to coil or drape where required. After you've shaped it the way you want (often, it's best to place it where it'll ultimately be used), let it dry until it's hard, then paint an appropriate colour.

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    Thanks - those are useful tips!
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    Home made hoses

    I also cut the outside sheathing from phone wires. The inside wires are great for hoses & you also have several color choices as well. Jim
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    HEY , I found some of the Rubber legs at Cabbellos Sports Shop that are not "sheeted" here is a pic. I put a toothpic next to them to show their size. I think they were about 4 dollars.

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