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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by spitfire, Apr 3, 2005.

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    We started a "cool links" thread over in the Real Thing Canada, but that's kind of specific. So, here's a new thread for all railroads, prototype and model. C'mon everyone - time to dust off those bookmarks and put them up here for all to enjoy! :) :)

    Some guidelines for posting.
    1) Links should relate to model or prototype railroad.
    2) No links to products, ebay items, etc.
    3) Please give a brief description of the link you're posting. (That way when we get 100's of them - people will be able to pick and choose.)

    Have fun!

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    Fallen Flags and Other Railroad Photos

    Info on steam engines

    HO KD coupler conversion list.

    Info for Tyco, AHM, Cox, Atlas, Bachmann and Pemco.


    Topographic maps

    Topographic maps

    Drill Size Conversion Table


    Model Railroad & Misc. Electronic circuits

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    I have a few as well:

    Library of Congress Historical American Building Survey. Lots of photo's searchable by keyword or location. Some even have plans and elevations. A scratchbuilder's reference paradise!!!

    Roadside Art. Some very cool retro signs.

    Toronto Ghost Signs Keeping with the sign motif - these are fading signs painted on the walls around Toronto. Also kind of useful for building reference.

    10 Commandments of Yard Design Self explanatory!

    Hank's Truck Pictures. Did you know there are "fallen flags" in the trucking biz as well? This site has lots of pix from all over North America.

    D&RG Bridges. More fun for scratchbuilders. Lots of photos and diagrams here.

    Cinema Treasures. Amazing collection of movie theatre photo's categorized by style. Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Beaux Arts, Classical, etc etc.

    And, how about some cool models?

    Avtex Rayon Plant. Amazing scratchbuilt complex, with over 400 lights!!!

    Free Heavan Harbor Terminal. A gorgeous N-scale harbour layout that has to be seen to be believed!


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    I will get more later today. :D

    Northeast Rails Over 10,000 rail photos, with focus on
    Pennsylvania and the North East
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    When we get A bunch more, We can copy this thread into the FAQ / Links forum :) :) :)

    Thanks Everyone :)
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    The Horseshoe Curve Information On The Horseshoe Curve

    PRR K4 Restorstion Project Restorstion of the PRR K4s #1361

    Keystone Crossings Different Model RR Links

    Don's Rail Photo's East Broad Top RR Pictures

    Railroad Photography Of EBT & Other Railroads Photo's Taken From All Over PA

    East Broad Top Railroad Pictures Of The East Broad Top RR

    Chessie System Railroad Alot of pictures of Chessie RR Diesels

    New York Central Electrics New York Central RR Electric Engines

    Pennsylvania Railroad Electrics Pennsylvania Railroad Electric Engines

    Friends Of The East Broad Top A small group here to help preserve the East Broad Top RR

    Everett Railroad The Everett Railroad is a common carrier, class III short line stretching from Duncansville, PA to Martinsburg, Curryville and Sproul, PA, a total of 25 miles.

    Penn State Model Railroad Club A Railroad Club u up in Penn State that has been around since 1955.

    Conrail Cyclopedia Website Dedicated To Fallen Flag Conrail

    Conrail Cabins & Cabooses Pictures Of Conrails Cabooses

    NS Buffalo Line in Central PA Pictures From Norfolk Southerns Buffalo Line

    Penn Central Railroad This website is dedicated to, and covers mostly info about the railroad dept.

    Penn Central Railroad Online The first and largest source on the Internet for historical information about the Penn Central Transportation Company.

    Penn Central Railroad Photo's Photo's of some of the PC Fleet, etc

    Penn Central Railroad Historical Society Our mission is to preserve the history of the railroad known as the Penn Central Transportation Company.

    New York Central Railroad Photo's of some of NYC Fleet, etc.

    Western Maryland Railway Yesterday & Today.

    The Pennsylvania Pages This is an evolving site containing articles on PRR history.

    Pennsylvania Railroad Information The Unofficial Pennsylvania Railroad Homepage.

    Pennsylvania Stations List List of all the PRR Stations In Pennsylvania.

    Rob's Pennsy home page Has Good Information on the PRR.

    Chris Brandt's Pennsylvania Railroad Homepage More Info on the PRR.

    The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Network The purpose of this site is to provide those interested in the B&O.
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    So Far we have 50 Links :D :D :D
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    How about a link to my Deere Valley & Western RR site?:wave:

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    I give you, railcams from around the world :) (hopefully noone posted this already)

    Another good link I used to have was a site where the person had a HO setup in his room and you could remotely control the locomotives. Very fun, If i find the link, i'll post it.
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  15. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member A forum for Southern California railfans with news, pics, and info about the railroad scene in Southern California.
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    Wow, That is some layout you linked to Conrail. Very impressive.
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    Click on the Railroad & Model Railroad Links in my signature for all kinds of links.
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