Good (updated) Star Trek links?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by blitzer, Dec 29, 2006.

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    Thank you for the kind words. But how could I forget your Borg Rogue Ship! It will be my next model, I have already printed it...:oops: Thanks for making it available again!

    I don't have much time currently because my wife has a fractured right(!) ellbow and I have to care for our physically handicapped daugther during my freetime. But if everything at home is OK again, my next builds will be the Rogue Ship and the Cardassian Galor from the forum.
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    The current list left out Skip's site, which includes the D'deridex, Negh'Var, D'kora, and several Starfleet vessels in the "Birth of the Federation" area.
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    Be careful with Skip's site! He gave it up more than half a year ago. There was a discussion at the Google Papermodel Group in December 2006 about insistent malware popups from so called virus protection software ( or, located in Singapore) which hijacks your computer and can only be removed by buying a removal tool. The software installs itself on your computer. I've also seen the pop-ups but never had any problems because I'm using Firefox, but it could be a problem for users of Uncle Bill's Internet Explorer or other browsers.

    This is not Skip's fault. The pop-ups appeared after he had given up the site. It is random advertising by the free site's service so it would not happen every time you visit it. But I don't know if this problem still exists, the pop-up at least didn't appear the last times I've visited the homepage. I think Skip reported that to the site host, but I'm not sure. So I removed the link from my list because I don't want to send someone to a site which may cause serious computer problems.
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    Hey, just wondering if anyone has the Smartgroups models? Especially the Valdore, even if it is untextured...
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    You got PM! :)

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