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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by panzer, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. panzer

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    Starpapermodel has a VERY detailled TOS Bird Of Prey but Paladin is searching for the ship from the "Enterprise" series which is similar but more curvy.

    I think there is none. As measured by the large number of new ships introduced during the series there are not much ENT papermodels at all.
    I know about Clever's or Pericles' NX-01 models, Matthew Morning's Surak Class,and Jaybats' NX-01 Shuttle, Klingon Raptor, Enterprise-J and Federation Delta Type.
  2. Millenniumfalsehood

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    Doesn't LCARS Blueprint Database have a couple sets with the top and bottom views?
  3. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    no! only the top and the side:cry:
  4. ninjatones has pic of his built ds9 and shows the bottom in the image gallery for his modles
  5. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    Have you seen his plans for this station? Handdrawn!:cry:
  6. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    and BTW: the outer ring is also not correct (bottom side)wall1
  7. Paladin

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    Here is a nice multi-view picture of the Bird of Prey I am talking about. The Starship database states that it is from the 22nd century,(apparently before TOS), yet it looks far more "modern" than the TOS Bird of Prey. Thanks for helping though.

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  8. Millenniumfalsehood

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    Most "Enterprise"-era designs had the look of TNG starships, except perhaps for the Klingon Raptor, as it was very Steampunk in appearance.
  9. Tars

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    I know this might possibly offend any trekkers around, but I think sometimes you have to remember that TOS was filmed in the sixties and so looked the models... a modern-age TV series with spaceships like that would probably be very much laughed at, so I think it is a good thing the re-designed some of those ships, although they might appear not entirely "canon". But it looks like that has never been such a great problem for the producers as it is for some of the community ;)

    For comparison: take a Mad Cat 'mech. It'll look differently in any incarnation of Battletech, be it MW3, 4 or the tabletop figures, but you'll always be able to identify it as a Mad Cat! Just like with that Bird of Prey, it looks different, but no doubt it is a romulan bird of prey, isn't it? :D
    Sorry for the lecture, this has been bothering me for some time ;)
  10. panzer

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    I totally agree with you. ENT has always been criticised for using "too modern" ships. But what did the critics expect? What would have been if the producers would have walked the way of retro design consequently?

    The TNG design is from the eighties, the TOS design (100 years ago) is from the sixties. From what decade should the ENT design (again 100 years ago) have been? From the fourties? Perhaps they should have used some Buck Rodgers rocketships...:mrgreen: But how should a studio sell that to TV networks?

    And the NX-01 has even been considered as too modern by ex-astris-scientia maker Bernd Schneider because it looks like a P-47 which is a plane from the fourties!

    A good example is The Starfleet Museum. Th fandom ships there are well designed and fit perfectly into the design lineage. I think there are a lot of ship design freaks who wished that a prequel series would use those designs. But who besides of the "die hard trekkies" would watch a series with a clumsy ship like that?


    We mustn't forget that a TV series is never made only for the fans. The problem is to fufill the fandom's expectations on the one hand and of the occasional watchers which are not able to differentiate between a Romulan and a Klingon on the other hand. But Star Trek became too complex to manage that. Just my two cents.
  11. PaperRonin

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  12. panzer

    panzer Member

    I've found something interesting for a general overview. It's the free Star Trek Starship Handbooks series, a compilation of different 3, 4 or 5-views from the web of Federation ship types and the fleets of the major alien races: (five zipped pdfs)

    Most of the drawings are already known but it could be good for a first overview and comes with size informations about each ship.
  13. wow nice find lots of orthos and lost of potential modles
  14. panzer

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    To all designers of Trek papermodels:

    It would be very helpful if you could have a look at the first post of this thread and make sure that all your models and works in progress are listed. I'm going to work on the WIKI list tomorrow and it would be great if it is up to date then.

    It would be also great if you'd leave a short message in this thread every time you release a model or start a new design.

    The same, of course, with internet finds from other designers which are not listed.

    Thank you!:wave:
  15. crimson

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  16. panzer

    panzer Member

    I've also updated the WIKI list.

    Chris (or any other who has some skills in HTML),

    could you please have a look at it? There is a light blue box with a dotted blue edge around one of the links. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with the syntax. Thanks!
  17. shiftdel

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    Well, some time ago I did release my cleaning of Cleeve's model of a Klingon ship, the Bloodwing from Star Fleet Command game, I did upload it to my FileFront folder (on my sig), but I could also upload it here.
  18. panzer

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    No problem, I'm gonna add your filefront folder tomorrow. I know your ship, I've even downloaded it some time ago, but for some reason I thought it's already added.

    Thanks for pointing it out!
  19. panzer

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    I've found the problem, it's OK now.

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