Good (updated) Star Trek links, Part 2

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by panzer, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. panzer

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    Hi! After recovering from a very long illness with a stay in hospital and rehabilitation I’m finally back online and able to care about my hobbies again. I hope some of you still remember me.:wave:

    My list was a little bit :rolleyes: out of date so I’ve made a major update. I’ve also added some informations about the fictional Trek era of each model and, if available, the scale. But I need some help with the scale of some ships by the designers themselves and by members who’ve already build them.


    Sorry for not caring about your ‘baby’ :mrgreen:, the Wiki, first but I’ve pre-written the list in Word and BB code is much easier to me than html. I will update the Wiki article soon. Promised!
  2. cgutzmer

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    Glad you are back and of course I remember you! THe WIKI only ust came back a couple days ago after a long absence from an upgrade so no worries there ;)
  3. D-WHALE

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    Hi Andy!
    that is what we need:thumb: I had so many questions from the guys here: "where can i find it!", "what´s the scale!", etc. But you know, i´m from the East - No english, just russian:oops: But I read some very interesting:

    I don´t have a Neg´var:cry: sorry:mrgreen:(not yet)! And the Krenim ship - I guess it is to dark and to big for a printoutwall1 but if you want it, i will do my best to make that "small" ship:rolleyes: but there is another one, that i like to design! the inspiration cames from Skip!!!
  4. hey i have a site with a few props on all 1:1 scale its in my signature also a starbase WIP
  5. panzer

    panzer Member


    Good to hear that I'm not the only one coming up after a long absence.


    You are kidding! You want to make DS9 station in 1:1700 so you can surely make it with the Krenim Timeweapon as well!:mrgreen: It would be absolutely great as we have the "Year Of Hell" Voyager from 'nothing' now.:yep:
    Besides of that, the episode is commonly considered to be the best Voyager episode and even one of the best Trek episodes.

    BTW: ex-astris-scientia does not allow hotlinking images and I can't find a ship called "dkyr" there. Better upload a picture to a hosting site like and then post it here. Or what about a much more comfortable free account at

    German translation for our East German buddy::)

    Mach keine Witze! Du willst die DS9 in 1:1700 machen, also kriegst du das bestimmt auch mit dem Krenim-Zeitschiff hin.:mrgreen: Das wäre absolut großartig, weil wir ja jetzt auch 'nothings' Voyager von "Ein Jahr Hölle" haben.:yep:
    Außerdem wird die Episode allgemein als die beste von Voyager und sogar als eine der besten Trek-Episoden überhaupt angesehen.

    Nebenbei: ex-atris-scientia erlaubt kein direktes Verlinken von Bildern, so dass dein Bild für andere User nicht angezeigt wird, und ich finde dort auch kein Schiff namens "dkyr". Es ist besser, wenn du das Bild bei hochlädst und dann hier verlinkst. Oder lege dir direkt einen wesentlich komfortableren, kostenlosen Account bei an.

    Starship Builder:

    I've added your site and your WIP to the list. Thanks for it, your props look great!:thumb:

    Regarding all the models published so far, this year seems to be one of the best ever for Trek paper models!
  6. Jones Brandon

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    I think this is D'kyr class, a Vulcan starship:thumb::thumb::thumb:

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    SEBRET Member

    IF you could pull of all the curves that would be an awesome model
  8. panzer

    panzer Member

    Regarding D-WHALE's other models I'm sure he can!

    Looks great, I love those early Vulcan designs from ENT! There is only a 'Surak' model (not the movie shuttle or the federation ship class, there is a little confusion about this name) available for download so far at the old Matthew Morning site.

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  9. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    It´s okay! i will do my best:oops: (i must begin from zero)

    yeah, it IS the D´kyr! (you can find it at ex-astris in the starship database under the "Vulcan ship classes" link) i want it with the movable ring, and the ship is so big (600 meters), that it is possible to make it with all these curves:twisted:
  10. panzer

    panzer Member

    I still have the Timeweapon pdo you've sent me about one year ago. Perhaps this would help saving a little time and work?

    GREAT idea!!!
  11. thanks panzer and the d'kyr class would be brilliant also i think this topic should be stickied so we can always get to it easily in staead of searching through 11 pages of sci-fi threads
  12. Paragon

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    Is there any reason Zoshou's models aren't listed here?
  13. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    they are!!!
  14. magister

    magister New Member

    Does anybody has DS9, scheme. I am looking for long time, and i think it is very spectacural for work, and when it's over.
  15. if you mean your looking for a ds9 model of the starbase then theres a handdrawn one in the first page of this topic just look through the list and D-whale also has plans on a DS9
  16. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    I guess he means a schematic or blueprint! then i can say: "good luck!!!"
    I never found something of the bottom side of the station! I use the plastic model from AMT/ERTL for reference! and of course for the dimensions! the plastic DS9 has a diameter of 40cm and a scale of 1/2500! that means, that the station is approx 1000 meters in "reality"!:eek:
  17. do you plan to build in 1:1700 lol the enterprise d is tiny compared to ds9 so you would need alot of room
  18. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    yeah 59 cm in diameter, but the Krenim timeweapon ship is larger:twisted:
    I guess, I need new dwelling! :oops:
  19. Paladin

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    Other ships?

    Anyone know of any models of the "old" Romulan Bird of prey like these? Or any plans to design one?

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  20. Falwin

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