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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Mars-1, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Mars-1

    Mars-1 New Member

    I'm working on the house from "Beetlejuice", and I went looking for some metal roof textures. What I ran across is a goldmine for designing your own kits.
  2. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Thanks Mars-1... very nice collection ~ you can never have enough textures.... neeeedd mooorrreeee!
  3. Art Decko

    Art Decko Member

    One of my partners was looking at this, she said they were all just 72 dpi. True?
  4. Maurice

    Maurice Member

    Yeah .... but .... :grin:

    When these bricks were downloaded they were a 72 dpi jpg but it's size was 903 x 677 mm.
    Re-sized to 300dpi that became 216 x 162 mm.
    Printing to pdf and screen capturing at a convenient size gave the image below where the white area shows the size of an A4 sheet.

    Definitely not shabby.

    Incidently at 72 dpi each brick (with it's share of mortar) is about 162 x 54 mm or roughly 2/3 full size. :)

    Haven't checked other images on the site.

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  5. Art Decko

    Art Decko Member

    That is a BIG texture sample! :)

    Wow, you could use those to build a 2/3 scale card house! Then if you could find a 2/3 scale tenant, the rent might cover the cost of the printer ink. :)
  6. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    Not a bad idea. [​IMG]
    The Missus is just barely 5 feet tall, which in my family would be about 2/3 scale (don't do the math. I already know...). She's been bugging me to build her a gardening shed at our new house, so.....
  7. paper warrior

    paper warrior Member

    OMFG, Thank you! I desperately need these.

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