good news from dr about son

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by scoobyloven, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. scoobyloven

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    thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. as for the train room the wardon"wife" has it on lock down.but we are hoping for a rapreive from the gov."mother in law" .inlaws bought a new house and she put some of her stuff in the train room hope it will be out this week. we have cargo that is very late and work that is past it's dead line to be done . i hate politics they have to many laws and they know how to use them . i should have read that very fine print on the lease of the room.wife and her laws and rules.well you all have fun building and running we should be back up soon as soon as the courts"father in law" seen my repreive papers.
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    Sweet news Scoob!!
    If you need a hand with anything that Make-a-wish can't let me know. I think I can squeeze
    out a few days off. I will say that from what I've seen and heard you'll be seen to; but I'll
    offer anyways.
    Lord's blessings.
  3. scoobyloven

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    :wave: Well everyone time is getting close for the big trip. hope everything will go without a hitch. just a couple of worries, 1 we are flying northwest airlines and they are on strike . 2 the weather in fl is getting a little crazy we hope no rain and no bad storms while we are their . and 3 i hope the shop gets done with the repairs on my laptop. brother knocked it off my work bench last week and crashed the hard drive and broke the screen. on a 30" fall . i had this thing fall from the top of my van and nothing happend to it . the shop tld me it would be done bye next fri i told them i need it evry bad to download my diggy cam to for the trip. i think i might have to go get a couple of sd cards for the cam just in case. i do have one qustion for any one who has flown. what is the best way to take a diggy cam and a one time use cam. i heard that if it is put threw the x ray it will ruion the film and. erase the diggy cam and sd cards . i can get one time use cams for 6 for 10.00 and a 1 gig sd card for 15.00 i was thinking of getting 3 1 gig cards and 6 one time use cams for my oldest and taking my video cam with film

    i would love any info on this i could have my dad mail the film here if needed but i would have to drive to his house with 3 kids on a 6 hour round trip from where we are staying
  4. N Gauger

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    I know the x-ray machines effect regular film - but they dont effect Digi cam cards, as far as I know...

    Have a safe trip!
  5. Matthyro

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    We travelled to western Canada and our digi-cam travelled fine. No loss of anything . I don't know if airport restrictions are tighter where you fly from. If you keep it in personal carry-on luggage the security folks here want to see it and turn it on, just to make sure it is a camera.
  6. 60103

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    Scooby: Disney has facilities to convert your memory cards to CD.
    If you need anything, ask a cast member (Disney employee). They are all very good (except when they're frazzled). If you have any sort of emergency, you can even ask the characters, althogh they won't actually talk to you.
    For an extra thrill (as if he'll need one!) ask at the monorail if you can ride up front. There are about 4 spaces per trip. Do this at off-peak times. You may have to wait a train or two if there's a line.
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    Wec are still hoping

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