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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by DeWayne, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. DeWayne

    DeWayne Member

    Good news/bad news. I was sent a pirated copy of a re-paint done by someone calling themselves as "ATOMSK". It's the Mig-15 bis in 1:50-scale and is in the MIG-15bis___Casey_Jones Russian livery. Looks good. Shame it won't be published with an alias.

    As soon as I can get permission and remove the unauthorized lettering on the file it will be available in the "post war" pages.

    Currently having a problem with another pirate calling them self "Vittorio". He's coming very close to putting Marek and myself out of business by having posted nearly half of the inventory on a Russian forum that specializes in stealing card models from everyone that has had anything good published. EVERYONE! None of the designers have been exempt and they are using the file delivery companies like Rapidshare (the worst offender) to host the files.

    Reward of 15 free models (your choice) to the first person who can identify with proper names and contact information to either of the above mentioned persons. PLEASE - send the information off list. I am tired of being the victim and having to increase prices because of thieves.

  2. goney3

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    Well I can't give names or such... but Atomsk is based off a character from a Japanese Animation film called "FLCL" or Fooly-Cooly, in the series "Atomsk" is referred to as "The Pirate King" ... how appropriate. :cry:

    I hope you catch this guy... or better yet, they realize what they are doing and stop ASAP.
  3. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    ATOMSK is registered here as a member... do the search
  4. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    A user's name doesn't make a guilty person..............Let's let DeWayne investigate before any judgement.............

    AND I'm NOT saying anyone has judged anyone yet!.......I'm saying let's wait and see............

    It's very easy to fall into the hype trap............ can you say JonBenet Ramsey..........boy did the media jump the gun on this one AGAIN!

    Of course we all believe what a crimal says is the truth right.......... they wouldn't lie.......... would they?
  5. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Guy Behind the Curtains

    Sometimes if you file a DMCA report with the web host, you can get a pirate site shut down. It might take a bit of effort, to go upstream far enough to find someone who will listen. Even will take down files if you complain loudly enough.
  6. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Guy Behind the Curtains

    If you're looking for someone in Russia, it ain't him.
  7. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    Is this the guy you're after?

    URL removed by admin, we need to keep pirates from spreading

    Interesting page - it blocks machine translators. This forum seems to be file sharing models - I can recognise some of the subject lines even in Russian.


  8. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I understand. I also just said that there is a registered member here with the exact name. Sure there could be a Stev0 out there plotting to hack a server or some simular online terrorism. It would'nt neccesarily mean it is me.

    Hope this works out.
  9. DeWayne

    DeWayne Member

    I believe I have the proper information on the gentleman who did the repaint. I await confirmation so I can post the model.

    Now I still need viable information on the pirate "VITTORIO". There are a lot of names on this Russian forum of model exchange that are very familiar on the many card model lists I belong to. Verifying who is who is the difficult part. As I said before, I intend to be around for a very long time and would like to put some of these "trading posts" out of business. I could even see fewer price hikes in all areas of our great hobby once they were closed.

    In 48 hours Marek has had over 3000 downloads of his models taken by members of the forum I mentioned. Multiply this by $2.75 and figure what portion of the loss will come from your pocket. Now figure the cost of a Flymodel kit, GPM, Modelik, JSC, Shipyard, and even fyn's works. If it is a published kit these folks have offered it or it will come up when asked for. I have over 300 pages of this data my source has sent. What does the loss come to now? We all are being hurt by this and frankly, I'm pissed (angry not drunk).

  10. nebeltex

    nebeltex Member

    idea #1. this one is inspired by the art gallery which displays the empty frames of stolen masterpieces. perhaps designers and distributors should have "a day without models". NO paper models would be sold to ANYONE to highlight the damage these jokers are doing. education/awareness would be a positive step.

    idea #2. a consortium of designers and distributors banded together to legally fight this problem in the courts. alone, a designer cannot afford such a thing, but if retainer costs were shared, some very good lawyers might be willing to work on spec. e pluribus unum.

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