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  1. railroader122

    railroader122 New Member

    If your into the switching yard(which into) then you have to get this train for 0-27. made by lionel is an 0-6-0 little steam dockside swither. my avatar is what it looks like. made of tough diecast metal operating lights smoke and reverser its worth the $105 bucks. its my favorite train! i suggest that if your into switching yards get this little steam engine!!!:thumb:
  2. railroader122

    railroader122 New Member

    (which im into) sorry for spelling error.
  3. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Believe it or not, but I've seen pictures of those converted to 2-Rail scale. Neat looking little loco. Not many people try and switch in O27. I'd be interested to hear about your switching layout.

  4. railroader122

    railroader122 New Member

    well i havent started it yey but i do have layout drawings. i can describe it to you. it will be for freight back when steam trains ruled the rails. not too big but im thinking about switching the scale to ho. its a thought
  5. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Discribe away. :D I used to make switching layouts with the Lionel manuel switches. I'd build them on the living room floor and make everybody step over it for a few days. :) I never did own a Lionel steam switcher but I did pick up a couple of Lionels little diesel Army and Navy units. They weren't real strong but were pretty smooth runners.

    As to switching to HO, a lot to be said about that. I made the plunge and started with Kadee couplers right away instead of the horn hook type that came with the Athearn engines. Made for nice switching.

    Greg Elems

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