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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by dmb3006, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. dmb3006

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    :cool: I was doing errans in East Syracuse NY yesterday.My buseness took me out on RT.290 that runs along side of the old NYC PC Conrail,now CSX Dewitt yard,and the former AMTRAK station.What a blow.The station has been torn down and the large parking lot is now used for semi trailer and truck storage I drove in and went east to where the pavement ends.I walked over to what use to be the platform.The yellow safety line is still there as are most of the platform lights.The stub siding is hafe ripped out with piles of dirt ties and rock here and there.For years there was a ERIR RR business car spotted there.It was private owned ,and spotless.It was called the Black Diamond.Anyone know where it is now?As I sat in my truck looking around at all that was no longer there it made me sick. Track #2 that was the platform track was where I arrived home from Navy boot camp in 1963.The only thing you can see of the yard from there is a large area used to load TOFC trains.2 went by while I was parked.The CSX power was very dirty.The 2nd train had a Wisconsin Central SD45? as a second unit.Some times progress sucks. I know the carriers have to protect the bottom line;but places like your home town railroad station are things you thought would never be gone.I'm glad I can still remember the Pacemaker, Empire State Express ,and the 20th Century LTD.going by with onservation cars like the passenger trains that will someday run on my layout.
  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Some folks say changes are good but for those of us interested in railroading most everything has gone downhill.
    It's good you have those memories David.
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    The WC unit was on Q167.
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    I thought there was a plan for a passenger train from binghamton ny to Syracuse NY but i havent herd any thing on this in about two years. the last thing i knew there was a companey that came with a passenger train to give a demo ride but thats the last i herd of it . the staton here in binghamton still stands but the new owners sell carpet out of it. and when they bult nyseg stadeum for our AAA baseball team thay removed most of it tracks to make the outfeald .
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    I haven't heard anything lately about the Syracuse-Binghamton service; but it was supposed to be operated by the Susquehanna, on a trial basis, using OnTrack's RDC's. Most knowledgeable folks I've talked with say it ain't gonna happen, at least not in the near future; but I keep hoping.... Since I live about 20 miles west of Cortland, on that line, I would love to catch a train there and then connect either to Amtrak in Syracuse, or the proposed Binghamton-New York service through Scranton. But that's probably another dream that isn't going to happen, at least not for a while.
  6. emt49

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    yup i also think it was just all talk something to get peopls hopes up.

    or maybe it was to cover up the fact that New York gave the Susquehanna money to up grade some of there tracks.(if thay did i dont really know) when it dosent happen thay just say oh well we tryed.
  7. dmb3006

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    I wish this would happen.I'm New York Central hard core;but have a soft spot for the DL&W RR,the other road that served Syracuse NY.That would be a nice 80 mile ride to Binghamton NY.There are some nice railroad stations still standing on this line.There is a DL&W line that runs north of Syracuse to Oswego NY.that would also be a great ride.The Central also went north to Oswego out of Syracuse.CSX still operates both lines.
  8. emt49

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    I wish that it would happen to just so i can see it i am 27 y/o and have never seen a passenger in binghamton and think it would be nice to see
  9. dmb3006

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    A few years back,SteamTown in Scranton Pa. had a passenger run to Syracuse NY.They had NYS&W #142 a 2-8-2 double headed behine MILW 261 a 4-8-4 with a good size train.I went to see it go by at the ONTRAK station near the S.U. sports stadium.That was some sight and sound.I wish you could have seen it come thru Binghamton.

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