Goldenrod dedicus trees

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by who_dat73, Dec 14, 2006.

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    I will post progress and step by step pics soon but for now heres what I have found.
    one of the guys at the club gave me some goldenrod to use as trees on my n scale layout after I took it home it just didnt look right evin after the green paint so I started to experiment and I tell you what you spray it with hair spray and sprinkel with extra fine ground foam makes a dang nice trees you might be able to use this for larger scales to but in N its perfect for what I was wanting.:thumb:
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    be careful with natural organic materials as scenery items - they can attract bugs and rodents. Mice like to eat trees made from weeds! I rememember when I was a kid, I used the old flour/water method of paper mache on some kind of art project that I kept around. For years afterwards, we had small moths in the house, and meal worms kept getting into our dry goods. It wasn't unil years later when I pitched said art item that I realized I had been fostering an insect colony all those years. I am not sure what you can soak stuff like twigs and lichen in to keep the bugs out, but I am sure there is something.

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    Do you have any pictures of the completed trees?

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    All my trees are either sedum or estilbe , I think the fact that they'ev painted with Tremclad kind of deters the rodents .ALTHOUGH I do have a rodent problem, especialy now that it's getting cold. My rr-empire{?} is upstairs in the garage and the little wood land creatures have found that the buildings make good warehouses for their seeds, that they of course they get from the bird feeder just outside said garage. My buildings are not fastened down and yhe little buggers can fill a barn and not move it.
    I have set my trap line using raisens and peanut butter.
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    Sorry I didnt get back to this sooner but the power supply went bad and am using a freinds puter so as soon as I get mine back I will post a step by step.

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