Gold bullion coins?

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by oliver s, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. oliver s

    oliver s New Member

    When do you think is the best time to buy gold? It has been erratic and it seems like the trend is going down but the prediction is it will go up to $1000 per ounce. How does the feds interest hike affects the price of the gold?
  2. iceburg

    iceburg New Member

    I highly doubt that we will see gold @ $1000 per ounce. Gold is seen as a safe haven, so you will see gold prices rise in times of uncertainty and political problems. Gold was making 25 yr highs recently because of the Iran situation (risk aversion) but once Iran seemed to start dialouge Gold prices came off highs.You dont need to buy physical gold bullion, i dont recommend it alteast check out
  3. youngfellow

    youngfellow New Member

    when gold prices are low.the best way to make money is hold on to your gotta tell yourself that you are not desperate and u should look forward to long term gains not short term gains.
  4. billybetters2

    billybetters2 New Member

    You want to buy gold when it is down. That typically is when the stock market is doing well. The price of gold tends to go up when the stock market is doing poorly. As for $1000 per ounce...I will be suprised if it goes there any time soon. (Yes I have seen those adds too)
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