goku lander really neat!

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    this thing is really cool! nasa could use them, cheap components to throw away after landing and then use as habitats. made out of carbon nano tubes and ceramics, fueled by hydrogen micro fusion and boom. we use the moon as a giant smelting plant for asteroids . well, preserve most of it of course, don't want to ruin the moon forever or have the waste dump ignite and off it goes like in space 1999....
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    The future habitats and space stations will be made from Bigelow-Boeings concepts. A space station bigger than the I.S.S. that be flown to or
    bit the moon, or midway, and act as a transit station. Going down into these gravity wells is a waste of time, when all we need is there floating around in asteroid belts, and screaming balls of water in the form of comets. Each module is self supporting in the event of catastrophic failure. The elastomeric properties of these vessels is such that a meter that would pound a hole and destroy the I.S.S. would literally bounce off of these. Better protection from radiation too. They can be brought down to the surface of the moon with minimum effort, covered with regolith and connected with tubes to form safe habitats. :)

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    i love it, where do the star trek warp nacelles go?
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    NASA is working on the propulsion. That was the deal, NASA does the propulsion work, private industry builds the spaceships. The engine designs will ultimatley determine the shape, and design of the spacecraft. It will be most interesting indeed!
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