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    You can take little strips of paper and glue them on the inside edge of the upper torso and then fold these strips inward so that they form a type of glue tab. That way, when you put the two together, you will have more area contact and it will help hold everything in place.
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    Thanks Rhaven Blaack, I like that! It appears the neck and the torso will need this.

    (All of these assemblies were done before Rhaven's excellent suggestion above.)

    This view shows the extra strips of paper inside the model to help hold the legs to the waist. (In this shot only one side of each strip has been glued.)
    The arms - pieces 71-74.
    The two parts that make up an arm fit without gluing surfaces.
    You can see the extra long "non-gluing" tab inside the arm from the forearm that helps hold the piece in place
    I guess the idea is most of the pieces are just supposed to have a snug fit - but that won't do as it leaves gaps between the pieces and I'm a little rough with my toys. :)
    So here I snipped the long tab inside the arm and bent down part of it to make it a gluing tab. Also when the pieces were merged a little glue was put on all touching surfaces.
    Arms are ready. Torso with one pec attached. The pecs barely covered the white guide area underneath so using the black marker really helps.
    GODZILLA66.jpg GODZILLA67.jpg
    Here is the neck -piece 75.

    A trial fit shows that the head and the neck won't go together without a fight! :blackeye:
    Next up, fight the neck, add gluing tabs per the excellent suggestion and then attach the head/neck to the torso and the torso to the body...
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    This is really coming together nicely!
    I am glad that I was able to help!;)
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    nice dude. the more you work on this, the more I want to see the finish product. keep up the great progress

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    Thanks freddyman!

    Turns out the head and neck did not need to fight - I was putting the pieces together incorrectly- this was a "PICNIM" (Problem in chair - not in model :banghead:) The neck has two "tabs" that are colored so I thought they went on the outside of the head - not sure why they colored those. o_O
    Per suggestion here is a view of the extra "V" tabs to help fasten the torso to the waist.
    View down the neck - "V" tabs doing their job for the torso/waist.
    "V" tabs added to neck for the torso.
    Neck/torso/waist attached. (I think I'm starting to hear the Godzilla theme - the real one and... well yes the BOC song too). For you do know that any self respecting Godzilla fan knows how to play the Godzilla theme on their Stratocaster... I'm just saying :D)
    Shot of one of the shoulders. Again - filling in the boarder of the white guide area really helps as the gaps just show to much underneath.

    Have to sleep...what an interruption!

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    I am glad to see that my suggestion is working out well for you!
    This is really looking good!!!
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    you can just imagine the hysteria of the little paper Japanese people looking up at that thing.
    ha, you done amazing work. nice to see it standing.
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    Thanks everyone! Currently working on one of the hands. Letting the fingers dry.
    Will show the hand/fingers next...

    In the meantime since there are no hands yet...here's a quick shot...:snaphappy:
    GodzillaLuke.jpg :D
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    A light saber wielding, X-Wing fighter flying Godzilla?!?!?!
    That work!!!
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    See more of it in "Star Wars - Episode VII"!!! ;)
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    Don't joke, I'm worried Disney is going to stuff up the Star Wars series! Great job Dave Star, may the Farce be with you!

    (not sure how Godzilla will fit in an X-Wing though...)
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    One word: Mecha-X-Wing-Godzilla! :)
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    How about "Darth Zilla?" :nailbiting: Oh, the lens flares...THE LENS FLARES!!!!!!!
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    Ya know, I was speculating why JJ was wearing glasses. I suppose these are no glasses at all but special augmented reality devices which enable him to see lens flares everywhere! :cool:
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    Potential famous lines for the upcoming Star Wars movie;

    "You truly don't understand the power of the Lens Flare!"


    "The lens flare is strong in you young Abrams, but you are not a director yet"


    "I'm a lens flare technician, like Abrams was before me!"


    (Deathstar trench run); "Watch out for the lens flares on that tower!"; "I'll worry about the lens flares, you worry about those fighters! AAAH! My eyes! Lens flares!"

    Ok, I'll stop now...
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  19. Cybergrinder

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    Ok, got some more;

    The Jedi will wield FlareSabers :)

    The movie will begin with an opening lens flare, as opposed to the opening crawl....

    A long time ago, In a galaxy lens flared away....

    Episode (lens flare obscures number & title)

    There will be a new villain; Darth Lensflarius

    Han & Leia will have 2 kids; Lens and Flare (with apologies to Timothy Zhan & Ricky Bobby :))

    There will be a new super -weapon - (yes, you guessed it) The Lens Flare

    How could I forget this one;

    May the Lens flare be with you.
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    Ok, I admit this has gone a bit off topic. :shamefullyembarrased: DaveStar, how goes the lens flare? DOH! I mean Godzilla?

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