Go Go Gadget Mobile!!!

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    Hello all,

    This is my most recent project done with Shiryu. Now that I'm starting to learn other 3D programs I may not do too many more models in this program. The Gadget Mobile is simple enough to have a shot in Shiryu but I did have to modify the edges on the nose and tail sections to make em accurate. I still want to re-design the bumper, add some wheel well lips, then it texture time :D The wheels were replaced already with ones I did up in Paint. I do intend on doing the van model as well. All that will require is to make a new top section and of course slighly diffrent textures and colors (car is blue, van is red). Just a little bit of nostalgia for those who liked the cartoon.

    Getter 1

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    Rear view.

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    Shot of the underside.

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    Go Go Gadget GlueGun!! heehee

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