Glueing blue insulation foam

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Gary Pfeil, Dec 17, 2002.

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    Hi Gary!
    Glad you found one that worked for you...I had the same problem with Liquid Nails...but the problem is with that type of L-N...if you use the type called Heavy Duty (Construction & Remodeling), it works great, & doesn't harm the foam.

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    Surform Tool for Blue Board

    Hey Gary;
    Thanx for the good info.
    Re: the Surfoam tool you reference. Could you give me the Mfg. & part no.?
    I've bought a couple of things I thought would do the job but I was wrong.
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    Re: Surform - I think Stanley makes them. They look kinda like a rasp, except they are (red?) plastic with a metal thing attached that has a lot of sharp points sticking out of it.

    Another good forming tool is a wire brush.
  4. Gary Pfeil

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    Billk has it right. Couldn't have described it better. Which is why I'd thought I would post a picture instead! No need now. I bought mine at a lumberyard, FWIW

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    I have never used anything other than white glue. The setup time is about one hour. The thing I like is it is water soluble so any errors or changes. "Now who doesn't make changes??"are easy to do.
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    This question - what glue to use on foam - seems to come up over and over. It's not rocket science, guys. ;) If it holds the foam down/together/whatever and doesn't eat it up, go for it.
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    blue foam glue

    Cheapest silicone.

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