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  1. ok is there anyway to get rid of them i always try to spread the glue thin enough to stop them but it still squirts out of the joint so little help please:confused::cry:
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    Personally I use elmer's white glue and am very careful to wipe while the glue is wet 'very carefully'. I use toothpicks to 'pick' the globs out, wiping along the direction of the joint to hopefully wipe into the joint instead of across the surface. I also try to apply the glue in such a way that excess gets spread inside as much as possible.
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    One tip that I heard a while back somewhere was to spread your glue as thin as the glue on a postage stamp, that way there is nothing to squeeze out.
    It does take a lot of practice but I have very little cleanup to do.
    You can also spray a matte sealer on your parts before building and any glue smears will wipe right off without a mark.

  4. David H

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    While using White glue or Uhu extra type glue spread thin and even, spread on both surfaces, put together, pull apart immediately, count to 10 bring back together. Fingers crossed instant grip and no smear!

    Or use a spirit type gum which rubs off, and, if done carefully will not mark the printed surface (for once we had Cow Gum, but it was taken away from us but then the good lord of adhesives sent us Studio Gum, and it was good!). Only problem it will make you a bit giddy...

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    i use a flat needle syringe abd aleens tacky glue
    with the syringe i can apply it very precise and very minimal i even made a stand from a tupperware container that i keep wet sponges in that way it keeps the glue in the synringe from drying out

    it has worked great for me for several years and i have not found any thing yet better

    best of all i never get glue smears and my glue lasts a very long time

    just my 2 cents

    btw i get mine from injet refill kits or the dentist or wallmart at the pharmacy just tell them what you use it for

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    The scrap booking section of most craft stores carry erasers designed to remove dried pva glue. I have not tried one myself but, hear they work.

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