Gloster Gladiator Biplane or Cessna 02 Skymaster

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    Howdy folks,

    I am new to card modeling, and have only build 5 in about 5 other words i am hooked. However I wonder if anyone has the plans for a gloster gladiator biplane. I have seen one but its not downloadable. Also The cessna 02 skymaster with twin tail booms and front and pusher props, has anyone made or know where the plans are for one of them?

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    RE Gloster gladiator and cessna 02 skymaster

    thank you very much joe. :D
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    Thanks Maurice

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    Thanks Joe and Maurice,

    I think that with the above drawings in the links i have enough info to attempt my first scratch build. (of course i will have to redraw and color), but hey, if it comes out funky looking, i will paint it gray and yellow and call it a grumman 164 ag-cat crop duster. Hey! there is an idea for a build :idea: well thanks again guys you're wonderful help i will let everyone know how my first scratch build turns out and if it works relitively well, i will be happy to share it with all who want it, heck maybe someone could even add to or "fix" anything i do wrong.


    GEEDUBBYA (thats GW) :D
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    Excruciatingly slow. It took me nearly a day to get all the Dreadnought material that you had linked to.

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    One trick is to start multiple jpg views in separate windows and then go do something else in the meantime. Come back after awhile and see which ones have fullly loaded which are then saved. This is probably why the site is excrciatingly slow..., everyone is using this bit to download material.

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    Brad said...

    "Excruciatingly slow. It took me nearly a day to get all the Dreadnought material that you had linked to. "

    Hello Brad...

    I was using those same downloads. I have been toying with the idea of putting a full hull undert my boat. However, just want to warn you that there seems to be some problem with the cross-section drawing. I haven't yet figured out what it is. At station #1, and then #'s 20 and higher, I can't see how they fit to the side view that is provided.!

    At the risk of posting illegal stuff, I'm going to try to attach that file, and my corrections , to see what you(or anyone else that can help) think!

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    Anything is glacially slow outside Russia. Try using a tabbed browser like Firefox - a lot more convenient. I've found the servers seem to allow a maximum of about 3 simultaneous connections from a single IP address - so it isn't worth opening lots of tabs/windows.


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    The sections do fit with the profile.
    At Section 1 there is no hull above the WL just the forward projection of the ram bow.
    see General Head On.jpg General Forward.jpg

    The stern is more complex (as usual) General Port Low.jpg Partial Stern.jpg
    show it but do not include the twin rudders which are directly astern the 2 inboard props.
    The hull is pinched in from well forward the props to form a single skeg just ahead the props and there is essentially a flat to the hull underside over the inboard props going back over the rudders then tapering into the stern rounding.

    Does this help clarify? If not I'll try and amplify.


    PS. Brad, narod gives me 0.5 - 1.8 Kb/s maximum for downloads. :cry:
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