Glossy-Shiny paper cars

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  1. foreigndevil

    foreigndevil New Member

    If glossy photopaper could be used that would be really nice. What happens if one sprays a model with glossy varnish?
  2. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    I've tried photopaper, but haven't had much success with it, any stray glue (I use Uhu Alleskleber) sticks out like a sore thumb, and it doesn't seem to form curves as readily as normal cardstock.

    Future acrylic floor wax is used by some here, and I expect that a clear acrylic lacquer spray would do the trick too. Something that I keep meaning to try but always forget to buy when I'm at the store.
  3. I can't say much about glossy phot paper vs. cardstock with regard to "curve-ability" due to inexperience but I can say that any stray glue is easily taken off of glossy photo paper with a fingernail without a trace (which may also be due to a laser print... might not be so good with ink).

    ...thinking I should write in shorter sentences...
  4. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    The glue tab problem can be fixed by lightly scraping or sanding the glossy surface and/or the back of the paper. Pin in the keester though. Another problem is that glossy photopaper tends to crease pretty easily when trying to roll into a curve or tube - especially tight ones. And if you dont score well first it can do the same thing around where you want to fold.
  5. atamjeet

    atamjeet Member

    hi guys,
    i have strated using the 185GSM DeSmat photo paper and believe me, it looks as if the model is made from plastic, it is very easy to work with this and the outcomes are really good, no need to use varnish and stuff. i am now making mitshubishi FTO with gloss paper and i have already made mercedes benz SSK, have a look

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