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    I've been wanting to post the progress on this layout for sometime but whenever I go over to work on it I forget the camera.... Until this last thursday night. To show a little bit of history on the project without the pictures. We had to cut off about 11 inches off the right side of the layout and reroute both of the curves on that side. We had to reinforce that side and do a little bit of landscaping. The city that was there is now going to be a little more compressed and showing the other direction. We also had to cut off about 3 inches off the front of the layout and therefore had to do away with the siding that originally was there but that just simplifies the layout even more. We had to cut off the top of the mountains in the back which we will be putting on top of the glass case because the glass case we have to work with is only about 8 inches high i think.. We added 1x2 around the bottom of where the glass case would set down to raise it up a little more over the layout so we have a little bit more heighth to work with. Heres a couple of photos of about where we are right now.

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    We've started to put in the road where you can see in the pictures it was going to go. We're gonna add in a parking lot on either side of the station and an access road to the one parking lot which also will serve as a drop off spot in front of the station.
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    Looks good, Jake. Is this a twice-around plan? How big is it?
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    Good progress. I hope to put my 2 1/2'x5' layout in a glass coffee table setup sometime down the line, and I will have to do something similar, so I will be very interested in how you handle that.

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    Nice start there b28.

    I think our local train station society wants to do a diorama/layout in the newly renovated station here in town.
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    An interesting project B28
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    Thanks guys. The Size of it is about 59"x 33" and its basically a figure eight folded over itself.

    We did a little painting touching up after i took these pictures. We also put the gravel down around where the station is for the parking lot. We decided that we couldnt do too much more until the buildings for the town came back so we called it a day.

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    Very Nice!!!!!
    Can't wait to see more.
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    Thanks Extra7000. Well, yesterday we did some more plastering of roads/sidewalks in the town area because the buildings came back temporarily. We ran out of the foam paving tape at the end but he had some double sided tape stuff for cars that we put on top of itself and it came to about the same level. So the Sidewalks are done. We'll just need to etch the concrete street and sidewalks and we'll be ready for painting. (The first picture is the gravel area around the station. Also in the upper right corner you can see the taped off and plastered area in the town)

    Also in between our meeting times he created a Dam up in the mountains with a drainage pipe so I painted that while we were waiting for the first coat of plaster to dry. I think it turned out pretty well. I'm not sure what we should use for the water. I was thinking of using the realistic water because it'll probably be 2-3 inches deep up in the dammed part. What i'm not sure about is how well it'll create a dribble when it comes out of the drainage pipe. I've heard that envirotex works for creating those drainage pipe dribbles. Anyone have any ideas?

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    LOOKIN GOOD!!!!!!!

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