Giant Size Fokker DVII

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Redwulf, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Sumato

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    I think this enlarged fokker totally rocks. I am all about enlarging paper models whenever possible, whatever the reason. The bigger the better. It's one of paper modeling's greatest strengths. So what if the kid wrecks it eventually. Build another, one then. Try another topic. Have fun with it. It may become more laborsome though, the bigger he gets. Keep us updated!
  2. Redwulf

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    Hi Joe,
    Well, nothing much has changed since this pictures. It just flat out got too big. The wings would have been too large and it wouldn't fit in the house ANYWHERE! And when I brought up the original idea to my wife I got a similar response! :oops: The wings were going to be cardboard and I hadn't had the wheels worked out yet.

    The boys both have a ton of fun playing with it. What I've decided to do is build two out of plywood in the backyard this spring. I have an idea of using a piece of "spring" steel curved and buried into the ground. That way they can "bounce". The only thing I've not decided yet if I will build a Neiport chasing a DVII or two DVII's in formation.

    By the way, I was amazed how the carboard held up outside. The bird is on our covered front porch, (I hear about that everyday) :cry: But we had a few major rains and it got incredibly wet. The paint completely protected the cardboard. No damage or drooping at all.

    The pilot you see in the picture picked the paint color. He actually painted most of it too.
  3. Sumato

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    I hope to do something just like that someday. What kind of paint did you guys use? I would have thought to at least cover it in spray shellac or something prior to painting. I might even go so far as to give it a simple fiberglass coat, though sometimes simpler is better. I hope you stick to your projects, even despite the opposition.
  4. Redwulf

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    we just used some regular old latex house paint we had laying around. We rolled it on in most places just like painting your walls. The only thing to be careful of is warping. The large flat pieces will warp because the paint dries unevenly. What I did was painted from the outside in. I went around the entire perimeter quickly and then went inwards. Speed is the key. That seemed to minimize the warping effect. On pieces that were glued up it was not problem. If I were doing it again from cardboard I would probably laminate the flats with opposing grain. That would probably do it.

    I finish all my projects. The more the opposition the more the determination! I didn't finish this one because it was flat out too big. It would not fit anywhere. The wings were going to be in the neighborhood of 10 feet. You cant really get a good feel from the pictures. But the fuselage is as long as the mini van! She just doesnt fit anyplace! If doing it again I would have thought through the size a bit better.
  5. lv4142003

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    What scale was your first attempt amd what scale would you now consider making it? Joe
  6. RichBohlman

    RichBohlman Railroad Card Modaler

    Very Nice! Can't wait to see some more pictures! Rich
  7. Redwulf

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    I dont remember what scale I upped to. I'll dig around and see if I can find my scratch pad full of notes. I started with the Fiddlersgreen free version of the card model. I'm pretty sure I have some of my notes lying around. I have cleaned up and done a few other projects since. Including a re-paint of that card model. I'm hoping I have them around the garage.
  8. lv4142003

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    Redwulf, I was just rereading the post about your large "paper" Fokker and I got to wondering about the wings. You said the wingspan would have been about 10 feet or so, how were you going to make them? Card stock ribs over a laminated card spar or a folded over square or round cardboard tube? How about the covering ? And bracing? Would it need bracing as the card is definitely not as strong as the original tube! lv4142003

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