Giant Size Fokker DVII

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Redwulf, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Redwulf

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    Well, I been talking about doing it and now it's started! No excuses now. I am scaling up and building a giant size Fokker DVII from cardboard for my 4 year old to play in. I got it started but didn't have my digital camera here. I took a progress picture of it with my DVD camera so it's not the greatest.

    I am using his dinner table booster seat for the cockpit seat! I have gotten the vetical and horizontal stabs cut out and the rear fuselage is now done, both sides and bottom. I'll post more pics along the way if anyone is intersted.

  2. modelincard

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    Your son's really lucky.
  3. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    Plywood, chipboard and MDF, go on... you know he will be upset when it gets damaged :)
  4. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Giant Size Fokker D. VII

    Way to go, Redwulf!

    Yeah, perhaps you´d better reinforce a card model this size a bit - ply or MDF is a good suggestion. Your little pilot will grow . . .
    Good luck with your amazing build!
    I´m waiting for a 55" span Fokker D. VIII "Flying Razor" to arrive someday soon now - yes, it´s a slight deviation from the card work - this will be a flying RC model in balsa and ply. I´m going to make it as much 'scale' as I can, probably with a spinning LeRhône, Oberursel Ur. III or Siemens-Halske rotary engine made from heavy cardstock.

    best of luck,
  5. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    Plywood, MDF will come later! This is a test/experiment for size etc. Alos a test for him to learn to take care of and be gentle with toys!

    Next I'll be building a swing set and will build the nose portion "jutting" out of the tower, with wings etc. That one will be wood and about 10 feet off the ground! He'll enjoy that one a bit more! For now I'll keep testing with the cardboard! :twisted:
  6. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    Got a little further on this. The horizontal stab is a bit out of scale. I started the blow up with a mulitplier of 45 then realized it was way to big. So I dropped it a bit to 36. The horizontal stab in this photo is still the larger scale. I need to cut it back down everything else is scale though.


  7. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Giant Scale Fokker D. VII Card Model


    Looks very good - you´re a great father!
  8. dinsour

    dinsour Member

    Fokker D VII

    Looks like you may have to build a two seater or another model.

    The little guy crawling on the floor looks as though he might be interested
    too. Nice job so far, I saw a gient F101 on one of these sites, but you
    couldn't ride in it.

    773 Ron 8)
  9. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    Two seater????? NAH!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll just build a second! Formation flying then!! :twisted:
  10. dinsour

    dinsour Member

    giant fokker

    Formation flying---Nah, Build a Newport and they can have a dog fight.

    See which one wins.

    Make lots of machine gun noises.----:twisted: :grin:

    73 Ron
  11. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    Hey Bengt, didn't know you were into R/C. I used to be into it big time. When I was a pre-teen and teen I used to fly all the time. I'd build all winter and fly all summer! I build a Top Flite, P-51 Mustang when I was about 12 years old. I never finished it nor flew it. I was thinking about trying to sell it and maybe get back into flying a little. When I pulled it out of my dads shop it was not such a fine piece of workmanship I remembered! Plus sitting around for nearly 26 years has taken a toll too. Anyways, if you want to see it you can check it out here,

  12. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Other Diversions . . .

    Hi Redwulf,

    I saw the fine pictures - what a beautiful Mustang model! Why sell it?
    Actually, I´m not 'into it' yet - I´ve just bought a Kyosho 1/10th scale electric Piper Cub trainer, which haven´t flown so far. It´s assembled and ready, however, and I have tried tossing it a bit into the wind. I´m waiting for warmer and calmer weather here in Stockholm.

    While I learn to fly this trainer, I´m going to build a ply & balsa model of the Fokker D VIII in 1/6th scale (a Kurt Bengtsson/AerodromeRC design) with a wing span of 55". I´ll probably receive it by mail late next week. I thought I might make a Dutch paint job on it (so that I don´t have to make the 'standard' lozenge paint scheme, and spend time flying instead).
    I´m really looking forward to getting it and to starting my flying career. It would also be very interesting to try large card model airplanes for R/C or rubber-powered flights - there are a lot of these exciting models at the FG Forum. Check it out!

  13. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    Hey Bengt.

    I read a good article on painting Lozenge. I also found some good sights to download the decals and patterns. The article I saw is here

    He did a fine job and made it sound as easy as it could possibly be! I guess it depends on how cold and how long your winters are. :roll: I used to live in Pennsylvania, USA. Our winters were long and very cold. Building airplanes was about all you would do in the winter. Besides ride snowmobiles!

    Anyway, hope to see some pictures of it when your finished. Also hope the article helps you.

  14. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Lozenge And Other Challenges

    Hi Redwulf,

    Thanks for the tip - it´s funny you should mention it. I downloaded and read that particular issue (June 2005) only yesterday, because it contained an article on the Fokker D VIII, which is the plane I´m going to build.
    Bert Ayers´article is very thorough and informative and the technique with transparent frisket paper masks and spray gun painting is excellently illustrated with fine photos. I might even try this lozenge painting method myself one day.
    This excellent WebZine contains a lot of valuable stuff - some of it, like the historical aspects, is also very interesting to card modellers.

  15. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Giant Sizes

    Hi Redwulf,

    I found something on RC Groups that you just gotta see, while you´re building the Fokker D VII:

    Nice, isn´t it? the little girl (Emma) in the cockpit is so sweet. Reminded me of your little pilot.

    On Damon Atwood´s own web site is also a gallery with very nice pictures - how about these of his kids, with Emma in 'her' Pitts double-decker?:

    Perhaps an inspiration for your Fokker project?

    best regards,
  16. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    WOW, Very cool. My project is not nearly that cool. Mine is a stepping stone for bigger, and I do mean bigger projects! Still dreaming of full scale one day!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  17. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

  18. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Twin Mustangs

    Hi Redwulf,

    I came across something interesting, that might appeal to you:
    While searching the interesting "Luft '46" site for unusual German (Messerschmitt, Blohm & Voss, Junkers, Gotha...) flying wing designs, I found some links to a very unusual TWIN Mustang P-82 airplane:

    I was thinking of the beautiful Top Flite P-51 Mustang that you built when you were 12 years old.
    Btw, don´t sell it whatever you do - let your son inherit it when he´s 12, I´m sure he will appreciate what his father built at the same age!

    Twin Mustangs - twice as fun!
    Bengt :grin:
  19. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Full Scale Fokker D. VII

    Hi again, Redwulf,

    In case you are planning for bigger projects, I just want to inform you that the bidding has now started for one of the two full scale
    Fokker D. VIIs presently being contructed at "the Fokker-Team-Schorndorf" in Germany:

    The opening bid is 100,000 Euros (about 120,000 $), and they are now accepting bids exceeding 108,000 Euros, for the complete airworthy aeroplane without the Mercedes D. III power plant and without the German Air Traffic Certificate.
    Estimated completion during 2007 - the project started in 2003.

    In any case, the photos, which are regularly posted during the plane´s construction, are a pleasure to behold.
    The Fokker-Team-Schorndorf has previously constructed one historically faithful full scale replica of a Fokker Dr. I triplane, which is now being exhibited in a the Speyer-museum, in Germany. This is their own story of the complete construction from start to finish:
    A second Dr I replica (and a Fokker E. III 'Eindecker' replica), is currently being built alongside the two D. VIIs.
    Furthermore, the major, overall plan is to rebuild the entire Fokker-Werke factory at Schwerin in northern Germany, to provide a living aeroplane museum of early flight, with flying, historically faithful full scale Fokker replicas for air shows. The Fokker-Team-Schorndorf are accepting contributions to make this museum project possible.

    I hope that the photos and art work will prove useful and inspiring to your big D. VII build!

    best regards,
    Bengt :mad:,
    Fokker-freak, updated thru Fokker-Team-Schorndorf´s newsletter mailing list
  20. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    New Pics

    Ok, Finally got back to work on her. Got the nose finished up. I now have the rear deck finished too just waiting on glue to dry. :twisted: Here are some pictures prior to the rear deck going on. My son is getting excited. I started on the Spandau M.G.s also. :wink:




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