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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Arlaghan, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Arlaghan

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    One night on the chats, we were swapping ghost stories, and so I related to the group an event that happened to me a while back. This is where the Aaaallllleeeeexxxx reference comes from. On my life, I swear that the following story is 100% true.


    Let me take you back to more than a decade ago...

    The setting is in my home, in a growing town called Homestead in southern Florida. I was a senior in highschool, and having my father recently passed away, my mother was forced to take on two jobs to support my older brother (then away at college) and my younder sister (who would stay with her at her second job) and myself, and wouldn't come home until 8PM or sometimes later.

    So, after having taken the bus home, I would typically be home for a good six hours all by myself. Did I spend this time doing homework and reading my notes from school? Of course not! I would play video games on my computer and chat with my girlfriend on the phone.

    On one particularly humid day, I was on the phone with her, talking about the normal nonsense that teens tend to talk about, and playing a role-playing game on the PC - I believe it was Pools of Radiance, or one of that series. My wall-unit A/C was humming away, dripping condensation into a plastic tub I set underneath it, and the time just ticked away... The sun slowly set... my bedroom window fogged up on the outside... the rest of the house grew dark. Eventually, our phone call came to a close, and I hung the phone down and returned to my game. I was just getting into a big battle when...

    I heard a hoarse whisper, calling out my name... coming from outside my bedroom window...


    I was a bit unnerved at the creepiness of the call, and shielding my face from the light inside my room, I tried in vain to look out the window... I could not see past the condensation on the window. But the voices stopped, so I shrugged it off to imagination, and returned to my game... Not a few minutes went by when, to my dismay, I hear...


    Thinking where was some mischief at play, I ran as fast as I could to the front door and peered outside - to find nothing and no one in sight! I thought to myself, there is NO WAY that whoever was outside my window playing tricks on me could have POSSIBLE gotten away so quickly without making some sort of noise... who could be calling me?!?

    But the voices stopped, so I shrugged it off to imagination, and returned to my game... When not a few minutes go by that, to my dismay, I hear...


    By this point, I was pretty scared! I grabbed a sword that I have (I used to participate in the Renaissance Historical Society, so it's not odd that I should have a sword, even if it isn't real, it IS metal, and would do some damage if swung hard enough) and ventured into every dark recess of my home - flipping on all the lights and waving my sword around as I went... My heart was pounding!

    But with each portion of the house becoming lit, and more importantly, EMPTY, my heart slowed down and I began to calm down. Having fully explored the house, and being satisfied that I was indeed, still alone, I returned to my game. And guess what I heard then?


    I CLEARLY wasn't imagining it that time! I was more scared then than I was before! What should I do? What would YOU do? Was a ghost haunting me in my home? I needed to hear another living person's voice - to assure myself I wasn't going insane! So, I picked up my phone to call someone, and what do I hear coming as loud as can be from the phone???


    It was my girlfriend screaming my name at the top of her lungs! Startled, but relieved at the same time, I said "WHAT???"

    She says to me: "You left the phone off the hook, I was trying to get you to pick it up!"

    In case you're wondering, my phone was the type that you set on a flat surface to hang it up, and it was located between me computer and the window.
  2. rguyett

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    good story I can see that happening
    I've had the phone not hangup also
    but no story to tell
    thanks for sharing
  3. NScale

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    Great reading. :)
    Thanks for sharing!
  4. Zug

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    If i wasn't so tired I'd tell you a REAL ghost story, that wasn't just somebody yelling on the phone, locked building, things moved, noises heard, and nobody but me there and only 1 way in or out and I was there. no joking.
  5. zeeglen

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    Here's another ghost story as told to me by two of my kids.

    Many years ago while living in Kemptville (near Ottawa, Ontario) 2 of my kids went down the basement stairs one afternoon while I was away at work. We had an HO scale shelf layout along the basement wall, 1' wide x 30' long with a return loop in an adjoining room and a turning Y in the rec room. The sides of the stairs were walled.

    When they reached the bottom and turned to go into the rec room, they both suddenly saw a 'Viking' standing about 15' away by the turning Y and control panel. He just stood there looking at them, they later described his clothing and helmet with the two horns. Needless to say, they both scampered back up the stairs immediately and did not go into the basement for a long time afterwards.

    The Viking was never seen again. No Viking costume was ever found, so if their big brother had been playing a joke on them it was well hidden (he denied having anything to do with this). To this day, they swear they both saw the same thing, but only that one time. They are of partial Icelandic ancestry from their mother, so who knows? Was Erik the Red checking out his descendent's model railroad?
  6. brakie

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    Here is a true ghost story..I just recently moved from a house that was haunted..I would be modeling or something and I would smell cigar smoke then hear foot steps going up the stairs and into the bathroom then a loud THUMP! I would at first investigate the sounds and like always found no source.This was a single dwelling house and my neighbors was 50-60 feet on both sides of my house and I know they was not the cause.....I would leave my locomotives in the engines service area with the blocks shut off as well as the power supply for my DCC,my throttles would be unplugged and hanging in their holders on the wall.I would return and find one of the engines parked on a switch..Sometimes it was the engine I left in the engine house with 1-3 units parked on the engine house in front of that unit.Nobody had been running my trains while I was at work..My dog 'Bo refused to go to the small back bedroom that I used for storage.This room was always cold regardless of the house temperature...I never seen this ghost but did catch fleeing movements out of the corner of my eye from time to time and always felt I was being watch.. I did hear it just as clear as day say once shortly after I moved in GET OUT!

    I am happy to report all is well in my new double wide house trailer..The house that I lived in was torn down due to a access road to RT.30 being built...
  7. pomperaugrr

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    If I ever hear a voice, besides my wife's, telling me to "GET OUT," I'm outta' there! :eek:

  8. zeeglen

    zeeglen Member


    Did you ever try to find out from the neighbours if a previous owner was a model railroader?
  9. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Zeeglen,I did talk to two of my older neighbors and he said the house was built in 1906 and a family bought the house in 1955. and the guy that bought the house had a massive heart attack in the bathroom..I understand he came home from work and was going to take a bath and dropped dead.This was in 1977.His wife lived their till the mid 80s until she was placed in a rest home.The guy that died there was a wood carver and made wooden indians,owls,eagles and stuff like that.

    The house set vacant for 3 years until a guy and his wife bought it at a estate auction..Then sold the house in less then a year to another older like couple who sold the house to me after living there 5 years.Now a older lady told me the house had a "history'" and people that bought that house didn't stay long except for the couple that live there for 5 years but they was gone a lot as they travel and went to Florida every winter and could never keep a house sitter very long...She believe when she was a little girl a young boy died in that house of injuries receive when he was hit by a car sometime in the 30s..I asked her if the guy that died there smoke cigars and she said no he crew tobacco..She knew that for a fact as her late husband and blank was the best of friends..I did a record search and found there was another house that was built on the same lot in 1871 and was torn down in 1904 after the owner move away and abandoned the house which was sold at a Sheriff 's auction for back taxes.It was bought by the guy that torn it down and built the "new" house in 1906..I checked the older news papers from the 30s and didn't find anything on a small boy being hit by a car..I did find a boy that was hit and killed by a INTERURBAN CAR in 1935 on the town square where the old Interurban station stood..Of course this station is long gone having been torn down in the early 40s after the interurbans shut down..There was 3 different interurban railroads that run through Bucyrus and this station served all 3.The lad was killed by a CD&M car..
  10. zeeglen

    zeeglen Member

    Wow! You really have researched this.

    Two known deaths in a house with a 'history', 1 RR related. Too bad it was torn down.

    A wood carver is a modeller and probably would be interested in model trains as well. Cigars could explain the sudden heart attack, maybe he chewed mostly but sneaked an occassional smoke on the side.

    Anyway, a real interesting storey. Thanks for posting.
  11. RailRon

    RailRon Active Member

    I can't report a real ghost, but we have something which appeared to me quite strange.

    Our family owns a vacation flat in Zweisimmen, a big village in the Swiss Alps. Our flat is on the second floor of a house, overlooking the whole village and with a beautiful sight of all the mountains around. The house was built 1981.

    Our daughter had a room for herself. Mountain air is healthy, they say, and we all sleep up there normally like a log. But not my daughter! When she was very young, she wouldn't sleep there. So my wife and I took her between us into our bed. That had to stop when she became older, but still she couldn't sleep in her room. So she often stayed the greater part of the night wide awake, but then she slept on the balcony through the day. In summer she preferred to sleep out there through the night - and funny enough, there she had a real good night's sleep. In the winter the begged us to let her place her mattress in the living room on the floor - or in our bedroom. Ok, we made the experiment - and she slept so well that it was really hard to wake her up in the morning.

    I also tried out her room, and I had my problems too. No voices or sounds or stuff like that, but somehow I just felt uneasy. I changed the mattress, but to no avail. I really slept badly those few nights and always had nightmares. That convinced us enough to let our daughter sleep in a camp bed where she wanted, be it in the living room, or on the balcony, or even in our bedroom when we had other guests. (Now it's no longer a problem since she is married and has moved away.)

    I hear you say: So what? What's spooky here? :eek:

    Last year I met a local historian, and he told me, that on the place where our house stands, there was another house, and still before that the first hospital of Zweisimmen. And then he told me about the 'dying chamber': They had one special room in that hospital, where they put all the dying patients, until they were deceased.

    Now I started some more research. The historian had a floor plan of the hospital. So I found out, that this ominous room had been on the second floor of the hospital. Finally I got hold of a land register map from 1906 and compared it to the actual map. Believe it or not, but it seems that my daughter's room is exactly in the same place where that dying chamber was, one hundred years ago.

    Is that an explanation? Frankly, I don't know. (In all these years we also had many guests, even children, who slept comfortably in that room.) So why does my daughter react so sensitively (and to a lesser degree me, too)? I guess I'll never know...

    Oh yes, now we use this room mainly for storage. It's perhaps fitting that I installed a deep freezer in there. :D

  12. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize Member

    Perhaps you and your daughter are more sensitive to the "etheral" world.
    Much like a the people that can read minds. Just more "spiritual."

    One of my ghostly stories:
    I couldn't even lay still in a room at a friends house in West Virgina.
    The next morning he told me that some moonshiners had owned
    the house in the 40's. The law had a small shootout with'em and
    two fellas got shot dead in that room. When on the bed you felt
    like your feet were always above your head. It didn't matter how
    you laid. I even tried a few pillows under my head.

    Of course I've been known to cry when passing a funeral, and touch
    the door of a place and feel if it had a lot of violence.
    Couldn't even stop at the Memorial in Oklahoma City, got so sad.

    Been there, Felt that...:rolleyes: ;)
  13. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    One night when I was

    about seven, just as I was falling asleep, I felt a firm tap on my shoulder. This startled me awake. I was lying on my stomach, so I turned over very quickly to see who it was...

    The room was dark and the door was closed.

    I could hear my parents watching T.V. in the livingroom, but otherwise the house was quiet.

    There wasn't anyone in my room, but I saw a pair of ghostly arms floating above the foot of my bed.

    The right arm was still extended towards me, and the left was bent.

    As I watched, the right arm withdrew, and crossed the left one. Like someone was standing at the foot of my bed with their arms crossed.

    I didn't see a face or body, just the impression that there was a person standing at the foot of my bed.

    Then the arms faded away....

    I had had nightmares when I was 4 and 5, but hadn't had any for a while. I used to see and hear creatures come out of my closet and walk across my room, but they never actually touched me before!

    I was scared, but I was left with the feeling that I was being chosen for something. Someone was trying to contact me from the other side.

    I've told Ruby (my wife) about this haunting. It happened about the time that her father died and we both think that her father was selecting me to take care of her. We're soulmates and may have even shared past lives... But that's another story...

    So not all hauntings are evil.....
  14. Matt Probst

    Matt Probst Member's passed Halloween but what the heck. This is a story my father related to the family one evening after returning home from some meetings he had to attend in Pittsburgh. Not ghosts per se but something strange anyway.

    In the early 80s my dad and a colleague were on a lunch break from a meeting with officials from the city and decided to take a stroll to the railroad station in downtown. As they ascended a wide flight of steps, my dad stopped and went into a "stare" or trancelike state for approximately 3 or 4 minutes and could not be shaken out of it by his friend. After a while he snapped back to reality and became pale and was visibly shaken. His hands were shaking and he had to take the rest of the day off.
    When he was finally able to talk about what happened, he recounted a strange story.
    He said that when they were walking up the steps, he felt transported back in time. He could "see" people walking about in clothing he guessed was from the early 1900s. He could smell the acrid smoke from steam locomotives and hear people talking and bidding each other farewell. He looked at himself to discover that he was "dressed" in an Army uniform and was drawn to a lovely young woman in a dress that he "knew" to be either a wife or sweetheart. He found himself telling her goodbye and actually hugging her.

    At that point the images faded and he was back in present day Pittsburgh.
    My father is not one to make up tall tales and I have no reason to doubt his story.

    Pretty wild huh?:eek: :eek: :eek:

    Matt--Hershey, Pa.
  15. jim currie

    jim currie Active Member

    this is a true story
    when i was working in the mine i was fire bossing ( inspecting the mine) one day when the mine was on a holiday so there was no one else in the mine except the the other fire boss that was there 8 hrs before me,as i was walking i started hearing strange noises, some times when you are all alone in the mine the mind can play tricks on you so i ignored the noise and kept on walking i got about 3000ft from the 5a portal and the noise started up again this time it was a loud low moaning that i couldent ignore ,you know the kind that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up so i went to the mine phone and called to see if anyone else was in mine all i got was a dead silince so i went back to walking about 2000 ft from the portal i looked up and about 500 ft from me were a set of red eyes high off the ground and they started comming at me fast standing there trying to decide what to do run fight or you know what it ran into my light it was Nick's ( the other fire boss ) dog a great dane she was glad to see me and i was relived to see it was her.Nick had left her in his truck that morning and she must have got tired of waiting for him and went looking for him in mine and got lost.
  16. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Jim,I will tell you this..The very minute I saw those red eyes my feet would have been flying for the nearest exit.Great story!
    The ghost that shared my old house never scared me..Seeing those red eyes coming at me would have.:eek:
  17. Arlaghan

    Arlaghan Member

    I agree - GREAT story! Although... even AFTER having seen it was a great dane, I think I'd STILL be quaking in my boots LOL!
  18. Flangehead

    Flangehead Member

    Ghost trains do exist!

    When I was about 13, early seventies, I had a 4X8 layout in one room in our basement and my Dad, a ham radio amatuer, had his
    tranceiver ststion in an adjacent room. One day I was doing some scenery work on my layout, and my Dad was fiddling with his radio in the other room.
    Imagine my young mind racing when I saw the light on my Model Power E7 come on and then watched as the loco started creeping down the track all by itself. The powerpack wasn't even plugged in! The hair on my neck stood up and I yelled "Daaaad, you better come look at this!"
    He explained to me that he was warming up his transmitter and the multiple loops of my layout were acting as an antenna, picking up power from his radio.
    I don't know how it came to be DC power, or any of the other technical details, but when I think back on it I wonder about that much RF power blasting around the basement.
    I blame my hair loss on it.;)

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