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    Jon,I will give Don a call tomorrow(Tuesday) and see if he would like to have you to take any more pictures then I will get back to you by pm with the address..

    Judy,To be a good paranormal investigator you must be a skeptic but with a open mind.Each investigation has its own ground rules while yet basically the same as any other.
    The key is in the witnesses to these paranormal activities and what they describe in what they hear,smell,feel and see..This information is discuss by the head investigators.The other investigators is told nothing as far as what the witnesses said but has a brief run down as to what is allegedly going on of course details is left out..You see that way the investigators is not lead to believe the building or cemetery is haunted and will keep a open mind during the investigation..

    One of the case that we investigated involved a poltergeist.The spirit raised a lot of havoc with us by unplugging the tape recorders,turning off the camcorders,hiding the microphones,slam a door in our face(rather rude) and threw a heavy glass at yours truly..We suggested a priest bless the house after our investigation..We have not heard any more from the house owner so perhaps the poltergeist left or ended his/her mischiefs as the owner still lives in that house and its been around 5 years ago..
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    I think what you are doing regarding the investigation of 'ghostly' activity is really awesome. I've watched different things on TV and while it makes the hair on my head stand up - it seems that I never do turn the channel and just keep watching. It intrigues and scares me all at the same time. :eek: :eek:
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    Yeah, I'm a clown but what I'm going to tell you, I tell you without humor. To me, paranormal activity is no joke. I'm no investigator but rather a witness and I have seen some strange things.

    Too much to relate, really, in this one post but I would like to tell you about the house I am living in now. We moved in here about 4 years ago. For the first 4 months, I lived here by myself while I renovated the place for my wife who uses a wheelchair. Stuff has happened here that I cannot explain. I like to think that it's just something natural or common but past experience tells me it's more than that.

    On my first night in our new house (new to us but the house was built in 1952), I was sleeping, or trying to go to sleep, on the kitchen floor. The house was silent. Suddenly, there was a loud bang as if someone had hit the floor with a hammer. I jumped about 4 feet in the air. I thought something had fallen or something had moved but there was nothing out of place. All my tools were already on the floor, so they couldn't have fallen. The place was bare, there was nothing here. There was just a few of my tools and me. On the second night, the same thing happened. The loud bang as I was bedding down for the night. Again, I found nothing out of place. This continued to happen not every night but most nights and it got me curious. Then my measuring tape went missing. I was using it. I was cutting some lumber. I made a measurement, I set down the tape and sawed wood. When I went to pick up the tape, it wasn't there. This made me mad more than anything because I thought I'd misplaced it. And how could I misplace something that I was using all the time? I searched and searched. I turned the place upside down and I still couldn't find it. I was stymied in my work. I had to fetch another tape measure from my mother-in-law's house. Three days later, I walked in the kitchen and there's my tape measure sitting on the counter!

    I was working in here pulling old walls apart and patching drywall and out the corner of my eye, just the very perifery of my vision, I saw somebody standing in the room! I thought someone had wandered in my house and I turned to say something to them. But there was nobody there when I turned to look. This made all the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This happened a few times. The most bizarre incident was when I was hooking up the hose outside the house. Out the corner of my eye, I saw someone walk across the yard toward me. When I looked up, there was nobody there. It was bright sunlight, too.

    Then I got a possible clue to what might be going on here. I was hanging tools on the wall in the garage and I came across some graffiti that someone had scrawled with a ballpoint pen. It's still there. It says "Nate died here 1983". So I wonder if Nate is still roaming about the place. There have been some odd occurrences here recently. Light bulbs don't seem to last very long in this house. Stuff falls for no apparent reason. My wife says "Why did that fall?" and I say "Maybe it's the ghost" and she just shakes her head. She does believe in the possibility of a ghost but has never had any experience, at least not in this house. She has a theory, though, since these occurrences have lessened somewhat since she moved in. She wonders if the ghost was initially upset that we were changing things around in his/her home but upon my wife moving in, the ghost realized the necessity for all the changes since my wife uses a wheelchair. She feels maybe the ghost has become more accepting because of her condition and only occasionally rambles about to let us know he/she is still here. Brakie, we would be interested in your opinion of her theory.

    Recently, due to medical problems, my wife needed a firmer bed and I can't sleep on a firm bed so I put my bed in the basement. I tried to sleep in the dark down there, but it's blacker than Toby's hole and as much as I tried in the pitch black, I just could not go to sleep. My eyes would see things in the darkness that were unnerving. I don't know if they were light bulbs that had been imprinted on my retinas or what the heck it was, but I just could not go to sleep so now I have a night light and now I can go to sleep. I always feel like there's somebody in the room with me. But I can't explain that.

    Even if there is a ghost here, it doesn't scare me. I have an open mind and, actually, any paranormal activity I've experienced I have found thrilling. Sometimes our cats see something. They stare transfixed, their eyes huge, but there's nothing there. Nothing we can see. It freaks my wife out when this happens. Once, I muted the TV during a commercial and I heard our little kitty Weebles meowing away in the basement. I went down to get her and she was just totally freaked out. But I couldn't say why. Brakie, do you think animals are more sensitive to the paranormal than we are? Ever hear of this before?

    Now I have to calm my nerves. While typing this, my wife's reacher just fell on the floor for no apparent reason.


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    TC,I read your story with great interest,..My thoughts is that this
    "Nate" may have been the owner of the house.
    She does believe in the possibility of a ghost but has never had any experience, at least not in this house.
    Highly unusual.Usually the the restless soul(s) makes his/her presents known to one and all.Now if this soul had a loved one like your wife then he/she may be "seeing" your wife as their loved one.
    She has a theory, though, since these occurrences have lessened somewhat since she moved in. She wonders if the ghost was initially upset that we were changing things around in his/her home but upon my wife moving in, the ghost realized the necessity for all the changes since my wife uses a wheelchair. She feels maybe the ghost has become more accepting because of her condition and only occasionally rambles about to let us know he/she is still here.
    Indeed..To him/her that is still there house and you are strangers that moved in uninvited.Then you start to renovate their house..Of course this upsets them as they see the house as it was when they passed on and remembers its their house after all! Now after your wife moved in it may have understood but not likely.Like I said it may recall a loved one and therefore ease up on the activity around your wife..
    There could be many reasons why "Nate" is drawn to you.As weird as this may sound and I can not help but wonder if you don't have mediumistic ability since he seems to bother you the most and you have seen him out of the corner of your eye and then what you say you saw and feel in your basement.Sounds like "Nate" wants to communicate for some reason.As far as that "Nate died here 1983" is one mystery concerning who wrote that-living or dead.COULD BE a form of communication. But common sense tells me other wise as most "ghosts" don't know they are no longer among the living of course there is always the few that do but just doesn't want to move on to the other side..
    As far as animals seeing things we don't concerning the paranormal..It is fully believe that is the case drawn from eye witness accounts from thousands of documented records of paranormal activity..Sadly there is no scientific proof of this but still it can not be denied.
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    Thanks for your reply, brakie. I think you might be right when you say I may be susceptible to paranormal stuff. I wonder if it could be groomed? I'll try to open my mind to communication and see what happens.

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    Another Sighting

    Hi brakie. I feel a little awkward posting this. It's after 4:30 am here. This happened about an hour ago.

    I saw him again tonight. I was painting the stairwell to the basement. I was thinking about my scratchbuilt turnout project and in mid-stroke I turned a bit and there he was for a split second, standing in the middle of my bed if you don't mind!

    Now I am spooked! Do you think that through talking about him and writing in the forum about him that this might have stirred him up?

    I couldn't see him clearly tonight but I did see a figure like an out of focus photograph. I got the sense it was the same individual that I had seen before. Mostly a dark figure, but I could make out his plaid shirt and his face was all blurred but I could see the features of a face and he was looking at me. I think he had short dark hair and a moustache or a beard. The same thing happened, I saw him for a split second out the corner of my eye and then he was gone.

    I'm not in the habit of seeing things. I do have a vivid imagination but I don't see things. Also, I think if it was purely my imagination I would've imagined more detail. My wife says that it could be the power of suggestion and that if I did just imagine it, I wouldn't necessarily imagine a lot of detail. She said that I should try to speak to him but at the time I was so shocked my mind went blank.

    Last night, my wife had a dream that I discovered something in the basement. A strange thing about this dream is that she has never been in the basement and yet she described a half-wall that is down there as if she has seen it. The half-wall is actually a retaining wall that was installed when somebody dug out the crawlspace that was under this house and put in a basement. She described the wall as being 8 to 10 feet from the foundation of the house and it truly is 8 feet from the foundation of the house. However, where the actual half-wall has a top to it that extends to the foundation wall, in my wife's dream there was no top. The half-wall was essentially like a concrete fence with the surface on the other side of it between it and the foundation wall being the same level as the floor. Anyway, she said in her dream there were dry leaves all over the place between the half-wall and the foundation. In her dream, I was in the process of or about to either knock the wall down or dig in the area with the leaves. Just before she woke up, in the dream I had discovered something in that area. It was a human skull. She only saw the top of it or so before she woke up but she is sure now that's what I had found in the dream. A strange dream, to be sure, but who knows what the significance is.

    It could just be a dream. It could just be my imagination. But it was no dream when I saw something.

    I feel a little uneasy writing this but it is no joke.

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    Very interesting, TC, now that you have an idea what he may have looked like, perhps you should go to the librarly and see if you can find out anything about his life and death. The obiturary may have a picture. It would get really spooky if he we killed working in the garage. Only 21 years ago, you can probably find people who knew him and how he died.

    If he was a hands on worker type, maybe he's drawn to you because you do a lot of hands on work on the house. Also, you are the one tearin' his house up, so if he's angry, it's at you , not your wife.
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    TC,First don't feel uneasy telling me(us) about your ghost..You see that is how we receive information about possible hauntings.
    People just doesn't walk into the Society and say "Listen I have a ghost problem"..The first contact is always by letter and very timid at that..They usually start by,My Friend has.Of course as soon as they get comfortable talking about their problem they fess up to the fact that they are the ones with the problem of course there has been a few exceptions.People just doesn't want to talk about their"ghostly"problems (if indeed that is what it is) in fear of being scorn,mocked or laugh at.
    Now I am spooked! Do you think that through talking about him and writing in the forum about him that this might have stirred him up?
    No,I think one of 2 things..1.He is please/not please with your remodeling of "his" house like Jon mention.2.He died suddenly or was murdered..Now it may not even be the owner of the house after reading about your wife's strange dream.There is no longer any doubt that this "case" should be fully investigated..
    About commutication..I would urge caution in doing so by not knowing IF you have mediumistic ability or not..You see IF you do you could slip into a trance and he could remain in your body without help from a spiritual guide and a qualified person to help you in coming out of trance..Yes,This sound silly,Steven King like and unbelievable but that is how a real trance works..I am not talking about the fake ones that use tape recordings,holding hands and light tricks used by fake mediums in darken rooms.
    :mad: .Such like has hamper real investigations by casting doubt on a real medium's abilitily..Of course the medium must be fully proven and trusted and all information of the case must be keep secrete from him or her including the address prior to the investigation that would include a" house reading" but not a trance session.
    Now,If you have the time to do some background investigation..
    1.Since the house was built in 1952 do you know what was on that property before 1952?
    2.Could you go to the library or the news paper office and look over the back issues on micro film? Look for any reported deaths or tragedies since 1952 or beyond if there was a older house there before 1952.Court house records should show this..
    As of now Don and I both agree that the clue to cause of this haunting could possibly be found in the crawl space taken in the account of your wife's dream..I had to call Don in to get his opinion.
    I think you might be right when you say I may be susceptible to paranormal stuff. I wonder if it could be groomed?
    Yes IF you have mediumistic ability it could be groom..
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    I have been on this board for a few months, I read but don't post. But this thread has got my attention, as I have lived in a home with spiritual activity, and I actually moved becaue of it (March 27th).

    Whats unusal about this is that my home before was an appartment in Ottawa, Canada. Right off the Rideau Canal - lots of history there.

    It started in 2001 when I first moved, things would go missing and re-appear days later in odd places. Hard to loose something in a 1 bedroom appartment. I had three cats and I noticed them tracking things in the room when there was nothing - and they would all track at the same rate line of vision pointing to the same place.

    One night I had my lights dim and I was watching a movie on TV, I heard one of my cats make a strange meow - I looked over and all three cats were looking at the couch beside me, I look, I see nothing - then they all at the same time follow with their eyes in blank nothingness, yet their retnas are focused on something, and the tracked something up to the table in the dining area (Open concept appartment). Weird I thought. I went to grab the remote beside me it was gone. I look over to the table, and there is my remote - instantly my hairs all stood up, I quickly grabbed a smoke beside me to calm my nerves - as I blew the smoke infront of me, the smoke was disturbed like it was cut by air passing though it, towards the couch beside me, then for whaever reason I turned my head downwards, and with the courner of my eye very clearly I saw the impression on the couch happening before my eyes like someone was sitting beside me, I even felt the couch sink.

    I am a grown man, but I was so terified my eyes started to water - I grabbed my jacket and out I went. I spent the night at my GF's place. Over the next few days nothing really happend, until one day my GF decides to stay over. everything was cool nothing happend, we went out had a good time and came home late, I woke up at night becasue I was thirsty, and I walked towards the kitchen, I have to pass the dining room (I had the lights on). To my shock I see my ashtray on the table, smoke half burnt without it flicked and still smoking, a cup of soup still steaming and a lighter beside my opened pack of smokes. MyGF does not smoke. There is something special about this lighter, it was a Zippo that was given to me at my 16th birthday which I thought I had lost for years, and forsure would have run dry. It was given to me by my first GF in highschool - and she was a troubled girl who took her own life by overdosing on pills. She was the type to stay up late and wait, and worry - likethe night she took her own life, I was suppose to go over, she stayed up all night apparently. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the spirit of my X. Totally shocked and dumbfounded,and terrified at the same time. My cats all of a sudden started to Hiss and growl. I took the lighter and I smashed it on the floor and I yelled "We are through!". My GF wakes up to see what was all the comotion, and thought I was crazy after I tried to explain what just happend. I also took an old photgraph of my X off my dresser, I also had a necklace she gave me, and I took a drive up to her grave in Pinecrest, and placed them there. After all was said and done I never had a problem again - maybe she just needed to let-go?

    But there is a good ending to this very strange story, I moved to my new place on the 27th of March - for closure and the strangest thing of all happens - even I have a hard time to take it all in. Im moving a couch in the basement of the new house, I hear a clunk. Well what do you know - my lighter is put back together, its bent but still put back together, its was tucked under the couch or something - but for some reason inside I felt releived, I took that lighter and lit a smoke with it - and you know what everything felt normal again. After my smoke I went upstairs and began to move my dresser up the stairs - but the drawers kept trying to fall out becasue of the angles, so I pull them out. I manage to get it up the stairs, and I grab my drawers and start the place them back in, the last drawer (the top one), catches becasue there was a paper taped under it (they simply slide), and it gets caught on the dresser and rolls into like a log and falls on the floor. I grab the paper and open it - Dated 1992, its an old page from high school from one of my school books (dates are always put at the top), nothing significant, until I flipped the page over - a blank page with somthing written in the middle "I forgive you". I took the note and carefully placed it back where I found it, and I never had a problem since. That same night in Ottawa where I was staying the weather news said it would be clear, yet it snowed for a bit - and I remembered when I was a much younger person, the found memories I had with my first GF when we met for the first time on a snowy day.

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    Now this thread is just getting too wierd for me. OH--- WHATS THAT SOUND BEHIND ME?:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    :wave: :wave: :wave: Welcome to the-gauge Eric! :wave: :wave: :wave:

    That's spooky! DV8R sent me this image that he adjusted brightness, contrast and color to bring out hte smoke, and he's pointed out some possibilites. Nice work Eric!

    The blob the line of site points to here is an angel in the original large photo.

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    Eric,Very interesting to say the least..Thanks for sharing.
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    Don't know why, but somehow I missed this interesting thread until now.

    While reading through all this, there are two opposite points of view welling up inside of me. I'll try to differentiate between the (let's call them) 'ghost stories' and Jon's picture.

    I'm open to supernatural things, having had a few experiences myself, which can't be explained with plain natural sciences.

    I dimly remember a story somebody told about my grandfather (he was a station master). One night shift he had some sort of an appearance, when a track worker he knew shouted from outside that a switch point had broken. He immediately closed the signal for an approaching train and prevented a derailment or even something worse. Strange thing was, that this track worker couldn't be found near the station afterwards. Not until a few days later grandpa got the news that this man had had a heart attack the day before and died the same night.
    Unfortunately I never was able to really verify this story since grandpa passed away when I still went to school.

    As for myself, it seems I'm not the medium type since I never had an appearance like Train Clown or Eric, but my daughter had.
    Since 1981 we own a vacation apartment in an Alpine village, and one room was reserved for her. She was 7 years old then. However, she didn't sleep well (if at all) in this room, woke up every night and cried out in horror. Then she came over to our bedroom and slept between us. Then we tried to place her in a much smaller guest room - and there she slept like a log! A few days later we tried to put her back into her own room - but again she couldn't sleep and she obviously was horrified.
    In later holidays we tried again and again to make her sleep in this room - but she simply could not sleep there. Even through the day she felt uneasy in this room. (And she still has bad feelings in this room today, being 30 now!)
    So we finally gave in and switched rooms. The greater part of the guests we had slept quite well in this room. But now and then somebody complained that they hadn't slept very well and that they had had creepy feelings or nightmares in this room.
    (BTW: Years ago I also slept one week in this room, changing beds with my daughter when she was sick and wanted to sleep near her mother. In retrospect I remember that I slept not too well, and I remember at least one real bad nightmare - but I didn't react as extremely as my little girl.)
    Two years ago I heard in a villlage pub that there had been a hospital in the same spot where our house now stands. And then a local historian told me that they had had a special 'death room' on the first floor of this hospital. All the dying patients were moved there until they had passed away. We dug out some old maps of the local Land register - and after some calculation it became clear, that this room had been exactly in the same spot where my daughter's (ex-)room is.
    I think, that's strange, to say the least.

    Now for Jon's pic:
    I can offer still one more interpretation of 'his' ghost. He appears not too friendly - a real 'BOOOO'-figure! Jon, perhaps he was trying to show you that the trains are on the other side! :D
    No, I don't have a water-tight and scientific explanation, too.
    However, the first explanation which came up on my mind was the date when these pics were posted. :confused: ;)

    EDIT: When re-reading my post I must add the following statement:
    By any means, my remarks about Jon's pic are not a try to kill this thread! (Jon, we know each other well enough, don't we? :D) In fact, this is a very interesting theme - are there more among us with such strange experiences? Let's hear about them!


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    No problem at all Ron, yes we know each other very well indeed!

    Thanks for your contribution and sharing. I'm sure there is no problem in killing the thread. Hmmmm, if you kill it, the thread itself could haunt you :D I am open minded to all of this, yet I try to keep as much of life as lite as I can.

    Interesting that you see a different shape in the fog. Perhaps the shapes any of us see is just our immaginations, but the fog is real. The only question is, what caused it, what is it and where did it come from. I promise, it was not an April fools joke of any kind. The only joke I made was the little cartoon ghost I drew in. And that, of course was an obviuse thing not to fool anyone. I give you my word. My only intetion is to share the weirdness of all of this and try to find an answer. If I knew we had real experts here, I wouldn't have even made the joke. And I hope that didn't make anyone think any less of anyones beliefs, or this picture.
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    Jon, I just remember another incident with a digital camera.

    We have some digital cameras at our school for the field work of students. On an excursion one student made a few shots of some plants, and on two of them were also strange blotches. However, they were almost white and with rather sharp and rather ragged borders, not so subtle like yours. And they surely didn't look as spooky as the 'fog' on your pic.

    On of our physics teachers came to the conclusion, that this could be some effect of a static discharge which killed a part of the camera memory. However he wasn't able to explain why there wasn't a complete blackout (whiteout?) of the memory card.

    Honest, I can't imagine how static electricity could generate such an effect. On the contrary, I'd rather dismiss this explanation. What do you think?

    Concerning shapes: It seems to me there is a main streak, forming a trail starting in the left center downward, then bouncing off in a wide bow to the right. Could it be the flight path of a small insect directly before the lens, completely out of focus? There are tiny gnats, flying rather jerky lines. (You see, I'm still looking for a scientific explanation...)

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    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    I took a pic once that I think I caught an "orb".
    I was messing with my brand new digital camera and took a picture of the computer room. When I down loaded the pic into the computer, I noticed a white round object, what would of been about six inches under a desk that was in the room. I just thought it was an reflection from the decrotive knobs. A couple of weeks later, the upstairs nieghbor was telling me that his six year old daughter had a "friend" that would visit her at night. And also the cat would not go into her room, no matter what they did. He would go up to the doorway and hiss. His daughters room was right above the computer room!

    I used to rent an apartment that was renovated from an old mill.(That was the name of the complex). We used to have a visitor we called The Night Watchman. If you were asleep on the couch, he would shake you to see if you were alright. The first time I saw him, I contributed it to "just waking up" The second time I knew it was an apperation. I saw a smokey image of a face staring at me. I jumped up, and it was gone. We used to tell over night visitors that if they get shaken awake, it was just the Night Watchman making sure you were alright. One such visitor didn't beleive us. That night, at about three in the morning we heard a scream coming form the living room. We both jumped out of bed and ran to the living room.The girl was sitting up on the couch, shaking like a leaf, muttering "I saw him...I saw him...He was looking right at me." She never spent the night again.
    Another night, both my nieghbors from next door, came over to watch a movie. One of them ran to her apartment to get snacks, She came back, knocked on the door and I let her in. I didn't get the door shut, when I heard another knock on the door. Everybody was looking around, cause everyone was there, no one else was expected. My apartment was the last one in the hall, and there was a real noisy firedoor next to it. When I opened the door to look to see who was there, there was nobody, in the hall and I hadn't heard the firedoor open.
    Thats just a couple of the happpenings at the Mill. I could probably right a book on what happened to me, as well as other tenants.

    I do beleive in spooks.....I do beleive in spooks.......
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    Guys,I should have the answer to the question of the mist in Jons picture in the next 2-3 days.Just as soon as Don works his magic by dissecting the picture. I will post the results of his findings.:D

    I find paranormal investigating exciting as you can see from my replies..I am not a expert but a armature or maybe a little above that at best..However like most investigators I must remain skeptical while still taking eye witness accounts at face value.Only a thorough investigation will reveal the problem be it paranormal activity,natural causes or by hoax..
    But know this.Imagination can play tricks on the mind..But the fly in the butter milk is this..Where does imagination stop and reality kick in? That Glass that was thrown at me during the investigation of a poltergeist haunting was not imagination nor are the EVPs we record in 90% of the cases after we dissect the tapes.Foot steps,smells,doors opening and closing while the door remains locked,fleeing glimpse of another person, pictures (always questionable at best until fully investigated)orbs,voices,noise all adds up to many questions and in some cases very few logical answers..
    Do I believe in the paranormal? Yes as interesting until proven other wise.That is the anthem of paranormal investigators.

    I think TC does has a problem of the ghostly kind as I seen this before on 2 of our 3 past investigation that proved to be paranormal activity.
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    brakie, I have a question that may be slightly off the subject but since you are our "resident expert" I thought I'd ask. What is your opinion of Ouija boards? The reason I ask is that while I haven't done anything with them in many many years I had some unexplained things happen with them once.
    When I was in 5th or 6th grade someone brought one to school and we would play with it during the noon break. Mostly we would get so-so results, nothing really exciting though. However when this one particular classmate and I tried it, it was a whole other story. The planchette would literally fly across the board. I could hardly keep up with it, and I knew that he wasn't moving it because he was a real meat & potatoes down home farm boy who would never believe in that sort of thing. The eeriest thing about it was that we would ask it questions that someone else in the room would already know the answer to, but neither he nor I had any way of knowing--and we would get correct answers. Pretty strange for 11 and 12 year old kids, huh?
    I haven't touched one of them since then, not because of any opinion I have, just never the right curcumstances. So what do you think?
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    Ouija boards? Like the majority of paranormal investigators I don't think that much of them.There is to much in the way of power of suggestion and imagination to be reliable.
    There are some reported cases of communicating with spirits but that is usually filed under interesting but unproven
    as there is no way to investigate such cases.
    Now I will share this with you..My Daughter and her ex room mate whom I shall call"Betty" because that is not her real name.Both are very down to earth,not given to drink or drugs and like most average minded people.
    They thought it would be cool to play around on a Ouija board and this they did for several weeks with nothing happening that can could not explain or laugh off.

    One night around 2:AM I heard this frantic banging on my door.I open the door there was my Daughter and Betty and they started to babble incoherently and at the same time-highly unusual to say the least.
    I finally got them to settle down and here is what they told me.
    Dad,We was playing with the Ouija board and we went into the kitchen to get a sandwich and a glass of milk..When we return to the living room the Ouija board was floating 3 feet in the air over the coffee table and then it landed with a loud bang and we came over here to spend the night..So,They spent the night with me and we went over to their apartment that morning to check things out..Everything was normal..They had me to remove the Ouija board and throw it in the trash..This I did at a dumpster..Today my daughter and Betty will not even look at a Ouija board..
    So what really took place is anybodies guess but I am sure something happen because I never seen them frighten or babbling incoherently like they did that night...
  20. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Thanks brakie. I was just curious. I have heard stories of people's experiances with them, many of them not pleasent, such as your daughters. My curiosity was whether they tended to attract spirits (or whatever you want to call them) that would not nrmally interact with the "real world."
    Also if the people using them when they became more active were in any way different. As I said in my earlier post, no other pair of kids in the class got anywhere near the results that this one other classmate and myself got.

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