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Discussion in 'How Do I...' started by micahrogers, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    Hi y'all;
    I'm new here and am an experienced plastic modeler but I have never done a paper kit before, is there a "beginners kit" in paper? one that is self explanitory to get someone started?

  2. Bane

    Bane Member


    Being fairly new to this myself, working on my first build, I can't say as I have seen what you would call a beginners kit.

    Just do what I did.

    Look around for a while and you will find plenty of models, from simple to "OH MY GOD". Pick something you like and jump in head first.

    I'm having as much fun figuring out how to build it as I am actually building it.

    Always nice to see a new guy.:wave:
  3. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

  4. subnuke

    subnuke Moderator Intelligence Extraordinaire Moderator

    I, too, am at the just started out point, though I have been there for over a year. I love airplanes but every one I have tried to build I have been very disappointed in and chucked it in the trash.

    Models of buildings have been a good place for me to start. You're making boxes instead of curves. Learning things like this work well when you take something that you can finish relatively quickly. Once you are done, evaluate and learn from your mistakes, then hit it again. You will pick up the skills in bits and be on your way. Small projects, quick completion, reflection, then repeat. This is how I learned to scratchbuild. I'll never go back to building model kits ever again!

  5. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    It is much better if you both (each?) post separate Introductory posts in the Introductions area. You can state your needs, what you may be looking for, and we can first, greet you properly, then address your needs separately. O.K.? Thanks!
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