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Discussion in 'The Gauge Railway' started by Bill Nelson, May 24, 2010.

  1. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    they are not kidding when they say getting stated. maybe should read getting ready to get started.

    In any case if you have beginners questions, we will try to help

    Bill Nelson
  2. ufhc

    ufhc ufhc

    I have been unable to see the thumbnails in the guage or other posts
  3. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    seeing the attachments

    In order to see the posts, one has to register and log in.

    I don't have any problem doing this, but I am running a Mac with firefox. Dr.G (alias Dr. Tom) doesn't have much problem either ( he is also a Mac user.

    two other members of our Clarksville TN. club have problems accessing Zealot for unknown reasons. One of them ( using military computers )is unable to reach Zealot from two computers, but is able to reach it Via a third. We have another member who , like Dr Tom and I, seems to have no problems signing on from Afghanistan , even though, I believe, he is hobbled by using a PC.

    I don't pretend to understand why some folks have no problem signing on, while others have a devil of a time. I suspect the site is ****ed up in some way, but I'm no expert, being a retro type of guy who has serious problems with any technology more advanced than a flintlock pistol, or problems that can't be solved by an expertly applied 0.50 inch hole.

    Bit first, register, and second, try to log on, it is worth being persistent. The site is very useful, for sharing text and photos ; techniques and results, as well as general showing off. I'm surprised it is not used more widely, perhaps others have problems signing in as well. If you get in please check out my work, mainly in the logging section, with bits spread elsewhere.

    good luck

    Bill Nelson
  4. SPTom

    SPTom New Member

    Bill, I was going through some of the posts in the academy section. Wanted to look at the “Lets Build a Turntable” posts, and noticed that all the photos are missing. I didn’t know if they had been removed or exactly why the photos are missing? Here is the link,

    Just curious,

  5. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    no Idea

    I have no idea, and that is a shame, that looks like it would have been an interesting thread, but practically useless with the pictures gone.

  6. SPTom

    SPTom New Member

    Photos missing

    Bill, I am new to the forum. I’m still in the process of learning to navigate around. I don't see a point of contact for any information technology guru or for that matter any POC for a forum administrator. The last entry on the “Lets Build a Turntable” post is from Dr. Wayne.

    He is saying this is just a bump for this thread, as the photos have been restored. Enjoy.

    Would Dr. Wayne be the POC to get the photos restored? If so, how can Dr. Wayne be contacted? Bill I appreciate any light you can throw on this issue.

    Thanks, Tom
  7. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    The Academy is sacred grounds for all of us that were active here and those that still are. No one to my knowledge removed any pictures, either during the transition or since then. This could be the exception, or it could be that all the pictures in the original thread were linked and now the links are broken. One problem we had when this forum went from "The-Gauge" to "Zealot" was that if anyone was linking to pictures in their gallery, we had to go change every one of those links from "" to, "". Also, someone could have been linking these pics to say a photobucket account, and has since closed that account.

    These are just guesses as to why these pics aren't there, but this does concern us because, as I said, the Academy has been sacred as are a few other forums here.

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