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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by ezdays, May 2, 2006.

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    The mods and administrators here got together and tried to simplify our rules. Thanks to the expert editing of MasonJar, he was able to compress a bunch of jibberish and leagleese into a short and easy to understand list.:thumb: Please note, these are not new rules, just the old ones reworked so nobody needs to go there checking for changes, there are none. And yes, Andrew did spell check them this time.:D

    We also redid the Gallery how-to threads so that it should be a lot easier to figure out how to open a personal album and to post and navigate the Gallery. As with the "posting pictures on the Gauge", these new threads include screenshots to help with the process. Unlike MasonJar, I didn't spell-check my work....yet.:oops: So don't pick on me for a while, I've already been told I let a few typos slip through...stooges8

    If you have any comments on any of this stuff or any suggestions and things you'd like to see here, there is an entire forum there that isn't getting much use. Post something there and I guarantee you that someone on the Gauge staff will respond.:wave: :wave:
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    Hi Don. Haven't checked the regs yet, but I'll pass on a couple of stories about upgrades and consolidations.
    When I first started working with pension plans, one of our clients had a union plan that bore a seriously out-of-date company name. I was told that if they wanted to change the name on the plan, it would have to go into the union negotiations and they did not want to bring this up in case the union decided to ask or changes to some of the other sections -- like benefits.
    Another time, we had upgraded the secretaries' printers, giving them a more modern Laser. One of them was really upset because the printing could not be made to match the previous printer. This was serious because the union was always suspicious that the company was trying to put something over them, and if the words did not come out the same way on the old and new documents, they suspected that something was being snuck through on them.

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