Getting Rid of Fold Lines on Model

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    I need some help with Pepakura. Most of my pdos open into Pepakura Designer. Some have the following written in a pop-up box when I try to open them:
    Opening Read Only, Enter Password for unlock, Password, OK, Open with Pepakura Viewer. I do not have a password yet and they open in Pepa Viewer. I have checked online and here and can't find an answer. Purchasing Pepa Designer 3 lets you export and save. I do not want to export and save. I only want to use the Settings-Other Settings-Line Style function in order to take the fold lines for valleys and mountains off of a figure I am going to make and then print it out. Pepa information says that the Viewer has all functions of Designer without limitation (except for the save and export). I can not find this function on the Viewer. I will, of course, purchase the Designer if that will open all of my pdos. I am sorry this is so long. Main problem is, I want to get the lines off of the figure's face, hands, fingers, etc. and I can't get the pdo (Nagisa-Phantasy Star Portable 2) to open in Designer to use that function. Any help is very appreciated.