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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by trainsman2, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. trainsman2

    trainsman2 New Member

    First off, Hello everyone!:wave:

    I had a pretty big setup when I was younger (11-13) and I've always wanted to get back into the hobby. I've been out of it for almost 10 years now and have some questions which I'll list to make it easier. I still have all my old stuff (027 Guage) but I have no idea of what condition its in, I plan on pulling the stuff down from the attic tonight:p

    I've already started cleaning up the room where I plan to run the layout, THAT is a project in by itself, haha

    I've spent the last 2 days at work reading every post on the forum and finally desided to join.

    But for my questions

    I plan on a "door layout" going with standard 77in by 36in Doors and putting them in a L shape. Kinda like in the pic below, And then putting 1/2 foam board on top of that.
    Sound good? I just remember the 4x8 sheets of plywood I used and how much noise it made.


    Basicly, what I want to run are 2 Loco's. A Passanger and Freight Lines.
    Anyidea's on layout design that will hold 2 trains at the same time?

    I am not limted on "Doors" and can go to 4x8 sheets of plywood if need be.

    Also I plan on going simple for right now, but I remember the TCC Lionel came out when i packed things up, but can someone explain the Lionel TCC? and what I need to run it. I like the idea of a remote control :D

    I have MANY more questions but I think I should get the ball rolling and get things setup before I touch secenery and such...

    I hope that made since to everyone reading this...
  2. spankybird

    spankybird OTTS Founder

    Hi Trainman2,

    Welcome to ‘The Gauge’. You have a very nice layout. It gives you several optional ways of running your train and also to reverse loops to change direction.

    IMO to try to run two trains on this layout without command control, either TMCC or DCS would be very hard because of the short distains between the switches. You would have to stop one train to let the other clear. If you could add longer double track on the back or around the front would help this.
  3. trainsman2

    trainsman2 New Member

    Guess I didn't make that clear.

    The Layout above is not what I have planned but what the "Shape" of the layout will be. I got the pic from

    but I'm looking for ways to run 2 trains on a layout in that "Shape"

  4. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    I have gotten back into the hobby after 20 years of trains in storage. I was 027 type track [some 031] and all 027 switches. Not going that way now. With the newer engines, you need wider switches and curves. TMCC is great and easy to do. I went DCS and then added the TMCC Comand Module so I can run all types of engines [Conventional, TMCC and PS2]. I'm going with an around the room [me stand in the middle] layout with the lower main line in 072. The upper level is to be 054. I'm sure when I finish, some switches will be 031 [sidings and yards] but nothing less. I've go tmy old stuff and new stuff running on carpet in another spare room until I can get the layout built. It has helped me in planning as I see things differently since I've been operating trains since I got back in 2004. When I got the old stuff out [some late 70's to middle 80's diesels and some post war steamers], I lubed and oiled them good [important as they dry out]. Put them on the track and they ran good. Glad to have you join us. Also alot of us are at
  5. trainsman2

    trainsman2 New Member

    Well I got a chance to get the stuff down from the attic last night.

    Boy what memories came back to me :)

    But from what I have found, some good and somebad. All the trains them selves are just fine. The Track, I can use only about a 1/3 of it coz its broken/rusted/bad shape and I only have 2 working switches.

    Anywho, the layout planning has begun and I will update people with pictures.






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