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Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by okaytoplay52, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. okaytoplay52

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    Hi, this forum came up on a search for getting meshes from games. Does anyone know how to extract meshes from Silent Hill 2 or 3? They use the AFS and TGF2 filetypes. Silent Hill 3 does anyway, I'm not sure about 2, but it probably does since they're both for Playstation 2, and both by Konami. I'm also wondering, are the PC versions maybe a little easier to get them from? Please don't tell me about copyright, everyone knows about that. This is for my own use, I could care less about making money.
  2. ikariya

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    I would like to know how people get models from games too. =T
  3. Flame3230

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    You need to run an emulator and 3D Ripper DX to rip models, then 3D Max 6,7, or 8 to import the rip. But be warned, emus and ripping take a good bit of power. Google 3D Ripper DX and PSE2X for the compatibility list
  4. Rocci

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    Thank you!

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