Getter Robo G - Starvenger ships

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    thread location please?

    is this images only or do you have an ongoing thread somewhere here?

    FYI, managed to snag a popynica Getter G Ryger and Poseidan fighters (they be tiny... boxes be like AA-battery long) with the "Dragon robot" (waiting on seller to say if it comes with the Dragon ship too... if it does, I'll be higher than the moon with joy).
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    lots new W.I.P. and tiny bit bad news

    -- THIS UPDATE --

    - ebay order update (small bad news)
    - Getter Base plans

    -- ebay --

    Apparently the tiny remakes only have the Ryger and Poseidan ships, and the formed Getter G Dragon robot. From the sound of it they never made a tiny Dragun-ship to go with the other 2 (means I'll have to make one).

    Eventually I may try to buy up the original popy 70's Getter G ships.


    In the meanwhile, I've also started on my own Copernicus Laboratory (complete with transformation capacity between "open-launch" and "closed" positions.

    Knowing me I as do, I'll probably make several versions.

    The first will be as close to the original as I can. (first two pictures, though you can see in the second pic someone has the 3 ships in the wrong order... dragon should be on top, liger/arrow midle, poseidan bottom).

    -- design stage --

    - quick overall samples done in windows paint
    - quick "anime style" blueprints... how they got that "really long" launch tunnel thing into the design (duh, it did curve)

    -- build plans --

    version 1
    - attempt to match original toy version
    - size match to ?? (probably the 1976 "diecast" toys)
    - 3 "open" sides (but will make parts to close 2 of them if you want)
    - ability to close shut
    - 3 quick-build "diecast" design getter-g ships

    version 2
    - attempt to match to my first "docking" getter-g ships (which could dock into each other)
    - closer size/scale to my "docking" getter-g ships
    - 1 "open" side with closer detail work to launch thing
    - if possible, double as storage for ships and the 3 PVC getter-robo's

    version 3
    - attempt to match to my SOC-paper (non-docking) ships
    - if possible, double as storage for ships and the 3 PVC getter-robo's
    - 1 "open" side with detail work on launch thing

    version 4
    - down-sizing of version 3 to fit the tiny AA-battery sized getter-g ships I recently ordered.

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    launch ramp tunnel - quick study

    From starting position (red triangle) the ship follows a tract something like driving up the thread of a very-wierdly-shaped screw.

    This basic layout isn't exact... it's hard to tell how many times the ships fly around the base interior (it varies from ep to ep) ... and there's no way to know what direction they start/park in relative to their final launch (but it's a bit easier to "show" it if they start 90 degrees off)

    upper-quarter - screen shot from show

    lower left - is a top view of the dragon ship's start point and tunnel as it starts

    lower right - is a cut-away side-view of the base (solid red rectangle being the rear of the star-dragon fighter... it's front is pointed away from you)

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    Internal walls (the 3 solid ones) and start of the floor plan (to fit my dockable getter-g jets) has started.

    Mind you these are lower-quality jpg's (to save space here) but the overall-design is looking fairly sound.

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    Here you can see the updated bottom and a sample of the lower-wall dome (one third).

    I do have a collapsing central column done (partial pic of middle area unrolled) based on the stickers used from the toy.
    ... the bottom third (when unfolded) has 3x3 black rectangles (can't make out what it is in the toy itself due to the clear-plastic and poor-lighting make it hard to see if their pics of the ships, or different rooms like the scanner room, lab, g-force training-ride/room, etc)
    ... middle third is 3 vertical black spaces - each features a picture of one of the 3 getter robots (Dragun/Liger/Poseidan) that I took of my mini-rubber/plastic pvc's (if you zoom in a ton on a pic of the Getter G toy base you can see the middle-level has pictures of the robot)
    ... the top third has squares with kind of a silver-gray star pattern (I think it's supposed to be the lower support/armor of the getter collector/reactor/storage

    I've designed the middle-third to 3 tube-parts which have extra material (so you roll the display part to size, then thicken inwards until the next part will just fit/slide) ... and worked out a crude string/tape combo so you can pull on the two ends without the thing coming apart.
    ... basically this is done by finding the "max extension point" and using the tape/string on the inside so that the tape-string combo doesn't let you pull it further.

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    the link for the final unfolded set of Getter Robo G ship's doesnt work any more can you re upload plz cause i realy adore to have that pattern thank you very much for your attention
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    re-upload request

    Sure, just give me a day or so... they're on my main computer (been doing everything from my notebook lately)

    FYI, I moved over to paper modellers (I'll update the link here too, but the latest pic's for the Getter G base-build and stuff will be over there).

    link is:

    The base WILL fit the plastic 80's getter jets, the diecast 80's jets, and my "docking" version. Its too small to fit the "SOC" style (unless you print it at like double-size once its done).

    Oh, and once the base is done I'll be doing 2 more sets of the jets: one will be as accurate to the 80's cheap-plastic jets (which I recently got a set of) and the other will be a down-sized 80's jets (made to be a bit more to scale if you decide to use the "anime version upgrade" to the base.

    (main version is based on the original Popy toy, which was more "young kid friendly" with 2" wide x 3" long x 1" size jets that were launched via springs from 3 ground-level openings -- see pics -- the upgrade will fill in 2 sides and add the 3-tier extending launch-ramp)

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