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    better pic

    here's a higher quality picture of the tower and the three SOC toy ships that I'm trying to copy into paper form

    For the most part mine's pretty close... my Dragun's nose needs some thinning down, Liger's wing-attachment area needs some thinning, and Poseidan's neck and wings need adjusting... all three need bigger vertical tails too.

    All in all, considering mine can dock and that I was working from the anime and lower-quality pics of the older blocky 1976 toys, I'd say I've done a great job so far. The fact that mine have removable engines so they can dock and their general appearance gives me a lot of pride... they are by far the most advanced and detailed paper ship's I've ever done (aside from a 9" SDF-1 which could transform... but that's another story).

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    thanks so very much

    the pics I found through the link you gave are excellent! I should be able to use them to modify my own crude "anime-accurate version" to produce an alternate "SOC-accurate version".
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    Space Glider - General Plane - refueling ship

    Here's the refueling ship piloted by the female pilot, Mirchiru Saotome,(aka known Ceries Copernicus in the Force Five version of Getter Robo G - Starvengers)

    Typically this ship was used to recon territory, though it can be red "refueling tanks" to refuel Getter Robo G. This trick was used (usually while hiding underwater) once or twice in the final dozen or so episodes and in the 2nd half of the "Starvengers" movie when the enemy started using more than one battle-robot at a time (leaving the heroes no time to fly all the way back to the lab to refuel).

    Like the Getter G ships it can fire off a pair of missiles. Unlike the others it cannot transform, but in place of transformation it is equipped with a multi-function high-resolution camera/scanner capable of taking pictures in both the normal visual spectrum as well as x-rays, radar, sonar, etc. (Was used to identify a "fake" island built by the enemy to disguise their underwater base, etc.)

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    That's great RD :D Thanks :D

    You going to do the Genral Plane from Getter Robo to?

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    options for what to do next

    didn't know there was one in the original Getter Robo series... I may, I'm not sure... still planning on doing SOC versions of Getter G's ships (unlike the closer-to-the-anime versions I've done)

    I may do the New Getter (aka Re:model) ships too, not sure. Jaguar (red) and Bear (yellow) don't look hard, but Eagle (white) looks so complex because of that diamond-weave type surfacing to it.

    Shin Getter's ships look interesting too.

    Lol, and here I was thinking of maybe doing a paper version of the Getter Robo G lab too... I got pic's of the toy around somewhere, with its opening/closing red and white dome (instead of shooting out the launch ramps it had 3 spring-loaded things for those large wheeled plastic ships I posted pictures for way back at the start of this thread).

    Course, if I did do the lab, it would be like 1 ft x 1ft x 1ft if I did it to scale with the current G-ships I did. Hmm, maybe if I did as a mini?

    Dang, so many options to consider.
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    Dragon - Getter G SOC vers

    pictures update

    Here's the Dragun ship SOC version in paper form. (minus the two little golden gun-nubs that double as where the tomahawk handles come out when in robot form. I may glue or plastercine them on since they'd be far too tiny to do a good paper+tape version.)

    Construction plans won't be released until I finish SOC versions of Liger and Poseidan (that way it's one nice zip).

    Unlike the "anime accurate" version which I started this thread for, this version won't be able to have the ships dock... mainly cause all the extra detailing such as 3d engines and far-more-complexified appearance. (For Dragun for example, the back half of the ship tends to collapse under its own weight if you don't install the engine section to help maintain the correct space between the upper and lower wings.)


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    odds and ends and comedy of New Getter 3


    They're kind of klunky, and very bulky, and have like 98 pieces per ship, but I found some Japanese guy (gal?) who did transformable getters...
    IN PAPER...

    paper transforming original getter robo
    paper transforming shin getter robo


    here's some pic's about the "oddness" of Getter-3's ship-joining.

    (1st page) -
    Upper half page: here you can see that in Getter-G, all ships always point "up" when combining, regardless of which robo they form. Viewed against original getter-3 and Shin-getter-3
    Lower half page: To compare, I've done the G-ships pretending to form getter-3 using the original-getter directions.

    (2nd page)
    Upper left: my idea of the original three getter ships combining to form a two-legged robot.
    Lower left: original three getter ships join to form the half-robot-half-tank form similar to the original series, except re-designed so they somewhat all point "up" like the G-ships do when they form Poseidan.
    Right side: original getter-3. Yeah, it looks like the white ship is going "Screw this! I'm outta here!"

    (3rd page)
    Upper left: shin-getter-robo's ships joining in G-type method
    Lower left: 3 cool 3d-pics I found on (which I then edited to use for the upper-left demo).
    Mid-center: screen-caps of the shin-getter ships combining. As you can see, they really fubar'd up on details. If the blue-gray ship becomes the white legs and knees, and looks like it has the white ship's details, I'll assume it's the white ship. and that upper ship in the final frame is the yellow ship (oddly turned dark-yellow) then the red ship must have turned yellow and DOUBLED its mass to form that massive rear-end.
    So the join order is like this:
    (step 1) red ship turns yellow and doubles its mass somehow to become teh large rear with tank-treads
    (step 2) white ship (in shadow at first for bizarre reason) attaches to front end of red ship to become the forward legs and knees
    (step 3) yellow ship turns half of itself brown, swings its two large pods apart to form arms (no idea where the shoulders come from, you can't see them anywhere in ship form) and its "forward-middle" area (which forms the waist/hips in robo-1 form) gets bigger to become the upper body
    (step 4) yellow ship's "nose" docks into top-mid area of red-turned-yellow ship

    (4th page)
    Reviewing shin-getter-robo 3's join... looks like a 3-way accident bout to happen to me.


    After watching a few you-tube clips, Getter-3 here resembles a cross between original getter-3's upper body and shin-getter's lower-half, except instead of two tiny white legs and two massive yellow butt-cheeks it looks like the white ship splits into three parts (like a tri-pod except with tank-treads). See first page's pic... you can't really see the third "leg" at this angle though.

    Watching the yellow ship fly down, miss, then loop back up and around and into the engine-area of the red ship made me laugh. I can just see someone making jokes here by re-looping it and dubbing it like this.
    Benkei: Oops, I missed.
    (pulls up and loops around... misses again)
    Benkei: Oops, I missed again.
    Ryuma: Benkei! Stop goofing around!
    badguy: starts laughing.
    Benkei: Third time's the charm. (misses again) Oops, missed again.
    Hiyatdo: Benkei shouldn't drink and fly.
    badguy: Losers!
    Benkei: I think I got it aimed right this time!
    badguy: (shoots the joined red/white "lower-body" of getter-3)
    f/x: red-white "lower-body" of getter three blows up. Yellow-ship, finally lined up right but way too late, plows through ruined wreckage into ground. Benkei (who wasn't wearing his seat-belt) is thrown throw the window and ends up with his head buried in the dirt.
    Moral: don't let a letcherous (dirty-minded) monk drink (booze) and pilot/fly a getter, cause if you do he'll not only get you killed but will leave the planet unprotected.

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    poseidan done and liger WIP

    as you can see, I'm not dead yet... just had a bad arthritis week (and was sick over weekend)

    SOC Poseidan is more rectangular than its late-70's anime counterpart. Gone are the upper wings, replaced instead with something closer akin to the shape and form of the holder for teh "shoulder missile" missiles.

    SOC Liger is in progress. As you can guess, its actually wider and longer than both Dragun and Poseidan... I rechecked this against the SOC pictures several times just to be sure.

    There are a number of differences in teh appearance of the 1976 Getter Robo G ships + robots versus their 2004 SOC Getter G versions. Part of this is the higher animation quality, higher toy quality, and in general, the fact that by the story there has been several years passage between Getter Robo G and its later return in Shin Getter Robo: Armegeddon (aka The Last Day). I believe the 2004 version is somewhat of a "mark two" version of Getter G as its ships and robots look significantly more powerful.

    like so (somewhat compiling the different story lines, various anime and various comics):

    -Getter Robo ("the original" ... burned at series end)
    -Getter Robo Queen

    -Getter Robo G (10 times more powerful than original version)
    -Getter Robo Zan (a female version of the original getter, with female pilots, creation point estimated by Getter Robo Daisekken game)

    -Getter Robo - S.R.1 (various upgrades, military versions, etc)
    -Getter Robo G - S.R.1 (various upgrades, military versions, etc)

    -Getter Robo Go (plasma based... less powerful but more stable, more "environmentally friendly" or whatever)

    -Neo Getter Robo (design stage... plasma based... an updated version of Getter Robo Go)
    -Project Shin Getter Robo is started (but not used due to a lack of getter energy and lack of understanding of getter energy)

    1995 or so:
    -Shin Getter Robo is complete (used briefly to save world, but operated at only 25% power due to a lack of available getter energy)
    -Project Shin Dragon is started (theory and design stage)

    1999 or so:
    -Getter Robo mk2 (an updated version of the original)
    -Getter Robo G mk2 (an updated version of Getter G)
    -Getter robo and Getter G get mass produced

    -Shin Dragun is built (out of hundreds of Getter Robo G's, but is somewhat "unready" due to a severe lack of getter energy)
    -Shin Getter Robo is completed and used briefly (and supposedly lost)

    2017 or so:
    -Shin Getter Robo re-appears
    -Shin Dragun is awakened

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    SOC version done

    not ENTIRELY perfect, but as close as my skills somewhat allow

    (1) the rears/engines are fixed in place since won't hold their form very well without the back-end in place.
    (2) unlike the "docking" version (see above posts) which was more shaped on teh anime, this SOC-version cannot dock. The pictures here where they look joined are actually a camera trick... sitting one ship on top of another and then taking a shot so that it kind of looks-like they might be part-way through the joining/combining.

    TO DO:
    -larger 3-tier parking/display thing
    -post the zip file to that site where I'm hosting the others (then post a link from here to it)

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    The new ships look mighty good there RD ;)

    Liger looks a tad too big. Maybe reduce the wing span a bit to.

    Just a tip when designing. Make black line models with no color to conserve ink as sometimes you have to make stuff several times before you're happy with it. When you got the design nailed down then color and build a final model ;)

    Keep up the designing. You'll get better each and every time :D

    Look forward to your next project.

    Say you wouldn't have any good references for Neo Getter would you? It's nearly impossible to find any :( I have a model kit of Neo Getter 1 but Neo 2 and 3 were never produced :( Personally I find Neo Getter 3 the best looking Getter 3 form of all the Getter Robos. Rather Like Texas Mac from Neo to :D

  12. rapierdragon

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    zip delay - resizing liger

    thanks Getter-1... went back and recompared the sizes using a rular ...

    assuming the "ledge" part of the ship-stand is the same size for each ship (ledge being approx 2.5 times longer than its width) I roughly get these ship sizes:

    ---ship to display ledge sizes---

    1 unit = ledge width

    Dragon = 1.3 wide x 2.5 long
    Liger = 1.75 wide x 2.75 long
    Poseidan = 1.1 wide x 2.5 long

    ---WIP sizes---

    width in inches (assuming ledge is 2" x 5")

    model paper ratio
    Dragon 2.50 2.75 1.1
    Liger 4.22 5.00 1.18 >> too big... should be bout 4.6
    Poseidan 2.25 2.5 1.11

    length in inches (assuming ledge is 2" x 5")

    model paper ratio
    Dragon 3.00 3.12 1.04
    Liger 3.25 5.00 1.54 >> too long... should be bout 3.3 to 3.4
    Poseidan 3.00 3.00 1.00

    So as you all can tell, the blue Liger ship came out way too big, even after you discount the fact that my paper models came out approx 5% off when comparing length to width...

    I'll admit Dragon and Poseidan should be a little longer front-to-rear but considering they're under 1/4" off it isn't really noticeable until you either measure it or stick them next to the real Bandai SOC's.

    Once Liger gets its size reduced I'll review them again. Liger might look fine once reduced, or that 1/4"-too-short might make it look so visibly off that I have no choice but to adjust the length on all three ships.
  13. rapierdragon

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    other fixes noted

    spent a few hours fixing the forward nose-cone on Dragun (area forward of cockpit)... I had it at 0.75" when it should have been more like 1.1"... bringing dragon's length to 4"

    which means poseidan's length is now 0.5" short (since it should be same as dragun)... thankfully that means a simple box needs rebuilding (slight stretch along the length) but that shouldn't take more than a day total to redo and rebuild since its the simpliest design of the three ships)
  14. rapierdragon

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    pending release of SOC papers

    Liger's been resized.

    Poseidan I've decided against a total redo/stretch, though I may stretch the nose/cockpit/head area a tiny bit (without putting a rular to it the size difference isn't really noticeable, though you can tell at some angles that the head/cockpit seems a bit squished)

    I'm re-using the existing 3-tier stand design, but I'm going to lengthen the ledges a bit since they are a bit short to hold these paper SOC's.

    Pictures should be up in about in the next 12 to 24 hours, with the link to the downloadable zip in that time (or within a day after).

  15. rapierdragon

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    pictures and link to zip

    adjustments since previous SOC pictures
    -Dragon's nose lengthened some
    -Poseidan's head/cockpit lengthened
    -Liger's size reduced to be closer to same scale as other 2 ships

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    lol... part missed

    I've been sitting here for a week wondering why Liger looks just a bit off... then it hit me; I forgot to do the tiny forward stabilizer wings that come off just either side of the nose. I'll do them up and try to get them posted in the next few hours.

    (RapierDragon... tho a.t.m. I feel more like a retarded dragon)
  17. rapierdragon

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  18. thunderstorm1000

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    The Force Five Ships

    I absolutely love what you've done with the paper Starvengers. For now I have been working on blueprints for the Copernicus Laboratory, The Promete Base Ship from Danguard Ace, The Valconian Institute from Grandizer, and the Underwater Base from Gaiking. I have all the materials right now but the main two bases under construction are the Copernicus Laboratory and the Promete Base. I'm gonna post pics of them along the way and show you all what I have been waiting to do since the series first came out. I think my easiest challenge is going to be the Valconian Institute since It doesn't have the flaws of the other two bases. rest assured, I want to share this with you all and see if there is anything I may be missing or needs working on.
  19. thunderstorm1000

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    Sorry all. Been quite busy in the past few days constructing the Copernicus Laboratory and I must say, I'm coning along quite well. I have the photos but currently right now my camera is with a power cable so it will be awhile before I can post the before and after shots of the laboratory. I think given the conditions of the pics you will find it quite amazing how it came out. it's taking some generous amount of time but in the end, this hard work is finally paying off.
  20. thunderstorm1000

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    Finally the Pics of the Starvengers Copernicus Lab & Jasdam - The Danguard Baseship

    Hello Friends!

    After what seems like forever, 4 months later I am pleased to bring to you the pics you've been waiting for. I am still in construction on both of these items but here they are in all their glory; The Copernicus Laboratory and Jasdam - The Danguard Baseship. Each is fully articulated with a 9 point articualtion pan and some finer points I have added. The real suprise was the Baseship in which I had added a Light to the bridge so that it can light up as seen from the window sill. The Copernicus Lab was quite a challenge because of the sails and the satellite but in all, I've managed to overcome a few obstacles and get through the hard parts. There are more pics coming but I leave you know to fully savor the miracle and joy of these bases coming to life!!!!

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