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    For a long time I've dreamed of it. Today I started crude work on it.

    Getter Robo G - the 3 fighters that make its three robot forms.

    There are plenty of pvc 5" figures, and a number of $100+ "limited edition" robots by Bandai in their "soul of chocogun" (sp?) line, but for years all we've ever heard is THE TRANSFORMATION IS IMPOSSIBLE.

    Well, as seen with the original getter and shin getter toys, you can transform, but you need a seperate trio of ships for each robot due to limitations of current toy technology. Later revisions allowed all three trios to be made into a single trio of ships, but this tripled the price, made transformations even more complex, and in many cases, had parts that had to be detached/removed or even unscrewed.

    Then there's the nightmare which is Getter Robo G. Even with docking concerns aside, its only just BARELY impossible due to shifting parts. And too many moving parts. Even as a toy, there would be parts rotating and then transfering sections from one moving area to another.

    This can be seen in the release of "quick-change getter dragun" by Bandai, which had 3 mis-shaped versions of the ships so that they could combine to form the robot Dragun, but I digress.

    I did these drawings up in windows paint using pictures off ebay of the rare old 70's ships from POPY (POPY didn't become Bandai till later in the 80's). The toys were crude and roughly in the 4" x 4" x 1" size.

    I refined the designs using screen-captures from the show, along with ebay box-scans of the smaller 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.5" high-quality "included" ships that each come with Dragon/Ryger/Poseidan.

    As you can see from my drawings, transformation may not be possible, but the whole idea of docking the ships into each other is possible (at least in toy form, providing the back "engine" area was a removable piece).

    Once I get some further work done maybe I'll release prints for those who want to build up their own Dragun + Ryger + Poseidan ships to go with their Getter Robo G figures.

    I did cheat a little... the middle and aft-central part of each ship is the same, so only the forward third and the sides/wings is different from one ship to the next. Once complete each ship will have two different rear-end's (one being the traditional engine-exhaust panel, the other being a multi-side insert which would allow the ship to hold/dock with roughly the forward half of the ship that pulls into it.)

    For Ryger and Poseidan, this means that the wings will have to slide inwards so that the missile-carrying ends line up snugly with the body. (you barely see this happen in the anime cause transformations were done really fast and there was often a blurriness and/or flash of light to help disguise the fact that the docking isn't 100% perfect).

    Nevermind the "re-shaping" of area's (see below for crude descriptions). :curse::confused:

    But that aside, who wouldn't want paper versions of the ships that you could, to a degree, dock into each other? Those who do stop-motion animation could then do the same as the anime... show two or all three ships docking into each other, then a flash of light, and then the post-transformation robot.

    Even if you don't do toy animations, you could always just make these to sit on your shelf near your non-transformation Getter Robo G figures.
    Ex. Dragun ("Dragon" in Starvengers)
    the curved wings on the Dragon shift upwards to become the shoulders.
    The nose/head of Poseidan fitting in teh back of Ryger, allowing the (cheap 70's silver) ring to become teh black waist-band which seperates the upper body+chest from teh lower waist. Poseidan's wings slide inward and then their missile-shaped ends slide downward and extend to form legs.

    Ex. Ryger/Liger ("Arrow" in the americanized Starvengers)
    the wings seperate and move further back, allowing Poseidan's wings/missiles to shift from the vehicle top to mid-vehicle to become the arms

    Ex. Poseidan (more or less same spelling)
    Poseidan's wings extend, then fold back along ship sides so that the missiles transfer from teh sides to the back, to become the twin "shoulder missiles". Ryger's wings/missiles slide inwards and then extend downwards as legs.

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    Hey RD,

    Now that's a cool idea. Funny thing to that I just finished watching Getter G just yesterday :p

    All the Getter designs don't actually work in trsanformation. Only exception is Getter Robo Go. They streatch, twist, expand, ect. to make a new shape so making them work is not possible, but who cares they're still cool ;)

    Here's a couple links for you for great references,

    I did a few guest models in the 2nd link. They are a sort of advanced Hako style.

    Good luck with your models. I'ld love to see some more :)

  3. rapierdragon

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    silly me

    silly me goofed on the scale... wall1

    So far I've built 2/3'rds of Getter Dragon (ship) and Getter Liger (ship) and printed out parts for Getter Poseidan (ship) .... only to realize that the final ships are going to end up at roughly 1" x 1" x 0.3" in size (which is small considering that I was hoping to make them "to scale" with my pvc Getter Robo G's, which would require the ships to be roughly twice their current size seeing as the pvc's are 4.5" tall).

    Due to my rather clumsy method of constructing (each ship being no less then 9 smaller boxes taped together) these mini's cannot dock as I had hoped. :curse:

    At least this is good practice for me. Once I get these half-sizer's done maybe I can reduce the number of parts and double the size up (and add some more detail in).

    I mean really... you won't believe the insanity of building these things at the moment. The tail-fins are like 1/8" tall and 1/4" long and 1/16" wide.

    Got to look on the bright side... at this size, they take up almost no room at all on the shelf. At this size I could probably build the dome/base with (simplified) launch ramps and everything, rather than that simple 3-level parking tier that you get with the Bandai "soul of" Getter G's.

    ...Note to Getter1...
    uh, how dang BIG were those Original Getter's paper models? They look like they'd build to around a foot tall, if not bigger. Where the heck do you store/shelf all these models of yours? A warehouse? An abandoned school? I can't imagine where you'd store a 2+ft long SDF-1... nevermind the paper lion-voltron, paper vehicle-voltron, gundams, and others. wall1

    My models might be small, but at least I can fit them in a display cabinet (the kind usually reserved for tea-cups or dolls or whatnot). :cool: I could probably own ten times as many completed models and still fit and display them all in one small bedroom. :p
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    WIP update

    Nose/heads: done
    Main body: Dragun + Liger (done), Poseidan (design/build stage)
    Wings: not yet designed
    Removeable Engine Plugs: not yet designed

    see pictures below... really cool, huh?

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    Hey RD,

    Keep it up :D You planning on the robot models as well?

    Oh the original Getter 1 model is nearly 3 feet tall. I have it but it's been scanned and built smaller (bout 2 feet tall). You can find the model from time to time on yahoo japan. It's a bit of a hassle to go that but it's the only way to get a lot of the rare Japanese paper kits.

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    only doing getter-g ships... and why

    No, I'm not planning on doing the robot forms since I own the 5-inch tall soft-vinyl/pvc/whatever robot figures. (You can usually find someone selling all three mini-pvc's for around $20 US dollars).

    My paper-models are roughly on-scale with these 5" tall soft-pvc ones (see first link in the "Getter G Robot's" section below)

    -----Getter G ships's (links for pictures)-------

    I'm only doing the ships cause the ships are just about impossible to get. You can find them on ebay, but you either have to get them one of three ways:

    (1) fork out like $100 US for a single original 1970's Popy Getter-G ship (or a lookalike knockoff), which is usually not in mint condition, meaning you're spending over $300 to get all three when their somewhat fat, chunky, plastic, cheaply-made and prolly lead-paint-based toys made around 1976 and designed to be to be safe for like 6-year-old kids. The thing is like 4" x 4" x 2" with no sharp corners and big enough that even a "slow" kid can't swallow it. Original Getter ships are easier to find... those from Getter G are rarer.
    example Popy / Popynica "Dragon ship" for $100+:
    example on toyboxdx

    (2) fork out between $90 US (damaged box) and $170 US (mint box) for a single 2004 (or so) "Soul of" Bandai toy which will only get you ONE robot and ONE ship. (if you buy Getter-G's Dragon robot you get the Dragon ship too. Buy Liger robot get Liger ship. etc). The robots are like 8+" tall with lots and lots of parts (different fists, weapons to hold, etc) and the ships, while detailed, are roughly to scale to the robot. The ships however cannot dock with each other. Think of this as the "I want it but its insanely priced" set.
    example HQ Liger Robot which includes Liger ship:

    (3) a set of transforming ships... extremely rare to see on ebay, but if you look around you can find links... Original, G, and Shin Getter avaialble, but you have to open the ships to move parts out, manipulate small screws (to open, close, attach, move, etc) arms/legs/hands/weapons... each set forms only ONE robot (so the red ship from Shin-Dragon looks/works differently then teh red ship for Shin-Liger or the red ship for Shin-Poseidan)... a single set costs like $300+ US ... pictures can be found on a site called
    original getter full-transform set:
    I believe they were by either Bandai or Studio Halfeye

    -----Getter G Robot's (links for pictures)-------

    example of seller on ebay !!!this set I have!!!
    example of the cheaper mini-pvc's (all three robots, under $20, some parts can move/detach, no ships):

    or higher quality "action-figure" type build version (roughly $20 each, might buy them some day):

    or the rare "POPY" (pre-Bandai) 1976'ish Getter-G robots (price and quality varies, robot form only): complete-mint version for $200+: crummy parts-missing-damaged one for $11

    or the equally as rare "jumbo" version (3+ feet tall robot only):

    -----Getter G Robots AND Ships----

    transforming ships to getter robots (all 3 forms)
    shin getter 2 full-metal perfect change version

    perfect change shin-getter dragon
    perfect change shin-getter liger

    quick-change version... forms Getter-1 or Getter Dragon (both were made... link shows the original Getter-1 quick-change toy with various parts to show how you can display it)... over $100+ US:
    studio halfeye:
    simple-change getter 1:
    simple-change getter 2:
    simple-change getter dragon:

    a similar "display trio" set was made for both Original Getter and Getter G (all three robots, all three ships, basic stand) but finding it on ebay is like winning the million-dollar lottery prize)
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    Hey RD,

    Wow that's quite a list there :p I''ld say the Soul of Chogokin line is the best figures for your money. I have the whole SOC Getter G set and will have the original Getter set soon. Indeed they are expensive but they are worth every penny in quality. It floors me to see thsoe old 70s toys sell for so much!!! They don't look all that accurate, but then again toys rarely did back then :p The age and collector factor is the reason for the prices but come on, for the same ammount of money you can have a beautiful SOC ver. :D Those full transforming vers are butt ugly and way too much. I still stand by SOC.

    Too bad Ban Dai seems to have stopped it's MC line of Super Robot model kits :( They did Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Getter 1, Raideen, and a twin Mazinger pak based on the Mazinkaiser OVA. I was hoping to see more as they were great kits and reasonably priced.

    Have you seen Getter Robo Go or Neo Getter? Getter Go was made into a few diffrent toys but is really hard to find. I have 2 of the large transforming sets (one colored and one black ver.). Neo is one of my favorite Getters but unfortunantly one Neo Getter 1 has been represented (a model by Ashomia and a die cast toy figure). I want to see Neo done by someone or perhaps I will tackle it in the future but I can't find good reference shots of Neo Getter 2 and 3 :(

    Anywho, how's the ships coming along?

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    other getters

    >>>> Quick revision of work updates

    Design History
    v0.1 - original ship design
    v0.2 - sizes corrected (were coming out at like 1" long ships... many parts too tiny to easily fold/attach)
    v0.2b - nose of Dragon and Liger and Poseidan redesigned to be closer to what they should be
    v0.2c - Poseidan requires further redesign in order to dock properly (it can barely dock into Liger's rear now, but misshapens's Liger and by no means going as far in as it could fit in theory)

    Anticipated Design Future
    V0.3 - addition of wings
    v0.4 - engine blocks (simple blocks that look like the engines for when you want to look at the ship's rear while it isn't docked)

    >>>> Paper model update

    Been busy last few days, haven't had much time to work on my ships.

    Ships Dragun and Liger just need the wings done. I re-designed Dragon's nose to be thinner (as seen from the side) and Liger's forward nose to be much more hawkish (in the side view) to match what is seen in the anime.

    Ship Poseidan has already had its nose/head reduced and redone once to be rounder and smaller and longer, the "neck ring" (used for the Cyclone attack in robot form) was redone to be more circular and less boxy (it had sharp 90 degree corners and was a 1/4" long front-to-rear). However I've found that the mid-body isn't quite right... it's too cube-like (its more of a curved rectangle in the anime and toy).

    Docking, so far, is working smoothly. Liger's nose docks into Dragon aft, Dragon's nose docks into Poseidan's aft no problems. Poseidan however has problems docking into Liger's aft (again, Poseidan's design is still too blocky and I think I'll need to redo it a third time to thin it's forward area out. Even this "version 2" head/neck I have on it are too round. A front-view of the head is too circular, it should be more like an oval or a rectangle with curved corners.

    >>>> As to Getter Robo Go and Getter Robo Neo

    I've only seen Getter Go in toy form on ebay and on youtube (opening theme for the anime series... pity I couldn't find links for any full episodes... just the theme and it showing the launch and transformation to its main form)... Getter Neo only seems to have ONE figure (its primary robot form) and its shots in the "Getter Robo: Neo Vs Shin" movie (during which Neo Getter is the main robot throughout the movie (Shin Getter having problems starting up, something akin to trying to start a car with a dead battery).

    Getter Go and Neo Getter seem to run on a different power-source if you have the English Translation of "Neo Vs Shin" (plasma-based power, rather than getter-ray power. Reason? More stable energy, less-powerful explosion if self-destructed or defeated by enemy, less dangerous to life-forms, etc).

    Go's transformations suggest any of the three robots can actually be formed from only TWO units... one forms teh body from teh waist up, the other the waist down, and the third unit always becomes a backpack with weapons or the extra "tank treads/body" in its Poseidan-like form. This makes transformations far simplier (not to mention it has a 7-inch toy that can go from 3 ships to all 3 robots with little/no spare parts... pity its a rare find on ebay though)

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    update w/pictures

    what's left to do:

    Dragon - complex wings left to do + removable engine
    Liger - wings + wing-missiles left + removable engine
    Poseidan - wing-missiles + removable engine

    You can see they dock relatively nicely. In the "various" photo you can see the opening I left at the back of each ship, and how it's mostly hollow inside the rear half or so.

    From the side-shots you can see where Liger's wings would attach. When in the Dragon-form docking the front part of Poseidan's missiles should fit just above Liger's wings between Liger's body and Liger's wing-missiles.

    Unless I have any big problems, updated pictures of completed Liger and Poseidan should be up tomorrow. Dragon may take a but longer cause of its wierd curvey-wings (possibly a few days or more cause their so freaking complex).

    Wind to Thy Wings

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    some help needed

    Anyone good with doing the curved missile nose-cones?

    I need the unfolded patterns to do the yellow area of these two missiles.

    As you can see I know how to do the bulk of the missile-tube... I just suck at working out 3d curved/elipse thingies.

    Already sent Getter-1 a quick help-request. Here's a windows paint bitmap.
    Ah, dang, stupid file-size limit. Converts it to a jpg and posts it as a jpg.

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    Getter ships Liger and Poseidan

    Thanks to some help from the help section of the forum I was able to unfold the curved nosecones of the side-missiles.

    Pictures of the completed Liger and Poseidan ships (and their parts unfolded) should be up within a day (building the side wing-tip missiles now... 1 a.m. here a.t.m.).
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  13. rapierdragon

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    pictures are up

    announce1 "Change Getter... Dragon / Liger / Poseidan !"

    Coming soon: the 3-tiered launch-ramp / parking-ramp thing from Starvengers / Getter Robo G (for displaying your ships).

    Also coming soon: miniature animated gif's showing crude transformations (where'd the arms and legs come from? how'd this bit change into that bit? etc)


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  14. Getter1

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    They came out pretty good :D Thanks for making them avaliable.

    So you gonna do the General Planes to?

  15. rapierdragon

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    General Planes? You mean the "space glider" (refueling ship) as its known in Starvengers?
  16. Getter1

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    Yep :D Sorry I never saw Starvengers, only the actual Getter shows so I didn't know what they were called in the US versions.

  17. rapierdragon

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    3-tier parking

    Here's the zip of pages need to make the 3-tier parking thing where the ships are stored (as seen in Getter Robo G / Starvengers).

    download from savefile:
    link posted shortly (savefile server prob atm)

    The unit is 4 pieces (a tower and 3 ledges... the "ledge" page has to be printed 3 times and says as much on its page). The upper two ledges should be a snug fit but should still fit (they did for me). All three ledges do require either glue or tape to stabilize them, and you will probably want to put some kind of small weight in the bottom of the tower to help stabilize it.

    I decided to go with a dark-gray / off-black color (similar to what's included in Bandai's SOC series) rather than the goldish-yellow seen in the anime. Why? Several reasons:
    (1) Cause the anime's color is too similiar to Poseidan's ship color, making its features less visible, whereas a more black color balances out against all 3 ships much more nicely
    (2) yellow ink is the most-used ink in an ink-jet printer (black being second) so making it off-black means I'm saving yellow by using black (black-ink cartridge also being between $5 and $10 cheaper to replace than the 3-color cartridge).


    (1) quick edit of Liger's pages to brighten up its blue color (original still available in getter-G-ship-zips, but the blue is too dark when compared to the PVC 5" figures. May just be the blue on my printer though.)
    (2) south-park type animation showing the general transformation idea
    (3) design/build the "Space Glider" aka "Lady General" aka "refueling ship"

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    3-level parking thing

    link for the 3-level parking thing:

    link for the updated/brighter Liger ship:

    *updated Liger color version*

    --slightly lighter/brighter version of Liger (for those whose printers gave them a darker blue than what it should have been... I thought the color was right but that was under normal room lighting at night. Moment I compared the paper to the pvc 5" figure during the day I noticed a very visible difference)
    --includes alternate foward wingtips (blue... some toys/scenes show them as blue instead of yellow... I'm going to review more episodes to see which color they show up as most of the time)
    --also includes an off-white cockpit canopy (the new brighter blue makes the cockpit canopy/glass seem the same color as the rest of the ship... plus it a bit closer to the anime colors this way)

    pictures of the alternate build to be posted later today or tomorrow (building now but will be taking time off for dinner & t.v. so not sure if it'll be fully done by the time I go to bed tonight)
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    pictures update

    liger (first vers w/yellow fins) vs liger color-fixed (blue fins white cockpit)

    liger (in stand) vs color-fixed liger (in stand)

    The three 5" pvc's I've got which I'll be using for the upcoming "southpark like transformation".

    And finally, a quickly-done set of 4 frames (there will be lots more and I'll try to keep the camera the same distance away in each shot so look more smoothly). I'll be using actual reference material from the Getter-G anime to help create my own version of the transformation (yeah, the papers don't actually transform but I've seen it in my dreams in a much-higher quality transformation.

    Note to Getter-1: biggest thing I don't like bout the original getter series (and the newest "Shin Poseidan" (of Shin Getter Armageddon) and "New Getter Robo" aka "Re:model" series) is that poseidan's form is butt-backwards for docking.
    While the lowered-stance (somewhat kneeling in appearance) makes sense for fighting, and the weapons are right and all, the docking makes no sense. In this joining method the ship would have to "back up" to unform / open-get because Liger can't leave with Jaguar in it's back-top area, and Jaguar can't leave cause its got Bear where its engines are.
    I mean why would Jaguar (red) dock into Eagle (white) and then have Bear (yellow) dock into Jaguar and then Poseidan's head essentially comes out Bear's back-end (engine area while missiles attach). Even the upper-body features Bear *inside* Jaguar. I'll do an animation with my G-ships showing what I mean to compare if you're not familiar with what I'm talking about.
    Its like watching Liger's transform but with the ships pointing/flying down instead of up. All other transforms (all Dragons, all Ligers, Poseidan-G, has the front of the ship's nose becoming the top of the head. Poseidan-original and Poseidan-remodel have the head coming out of the ship's rear: was this a reference to say that Benkei was "backwards" (meaning "slow" or "stupid").

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    edit: sorry... the size-reduced mini-gif's don't loop properly here (they only play thru once)... right-click on each and select "save-image-as" or try refreshing the page.

    yeah, I know the gif's here are tiny (1/4 what the actual images in the zip are) but you can find larger (4x bigger than these reduced samples) with notes on what turns into what here:

    coming soon: the red+white refueling ship aka "Lady General" aka "Space Glider"

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