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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Chessie System, Feb 7, 2007.

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    Thanks for the extra info. I've only played with the Bachmann system with a couple of locos (BLI C-16 and a Proto RS-27) on a small layout... along with the MRC Prodigy Express. I didn't have any problems, but I wasn't trying anything complicated, either.
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    The function controls on the Bachmann do not affect the quality of the sound. The quality of the sound (or lack of it) is determined by the decoder and speaker in the locomotive. The function controls just turn sounds on and off.

    The critical problem with sound locomotives and the Bachmann EZ DCC is the inability to reprogram the CVs of the decoders. This does impact the sound quality because the decoder's sound properties (volume, pitch, envelope, specific sound sample, etc,) cannot be changed from the factory default. Most sound decoder defaults are set at distortion-inducing maximum volume.

    Hope this helps clarify the issue.
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    Just to add to what Fred said, some sound decoders (like QSI used in BLI, Proto and Atlas locos), have a magnet that you can use to set the volume in DC mode... I think (although I'm not certain) that it works in DCC mode as well. A lot of the steamers with sound have a manual volume control, usually in the tender.
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    I was reading your input and I think that I will be going with the Bachmann setup. I dont think, unless I somehow come into money I will have the house I need to run a setup thats so big I need anything more.

    As for the sound, thats based on the speaker and such. The Bachman DCC control is just the part thats says to the Loco to turn on the sound you pick.

    Thanks all
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    chessie, I have read many reviews that say that the Bachmann sys sounds suck because it doesn't support much....I don't know, I'm not into the sounds so much and none of mt DCC engines are equipped with sound.

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    Chessie, what ya got to trade?????? Ho????

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    Well guys, I got the Bachmann system. I got it for 65 cash at the greensburgh great train show. I hooked it up last night and am actualy very happy with it. I am not likly to have the money for a nice sound and setup for years to come, however I needed to get into the DCC world. I am happy with it. I am actualy looking forward to getting a nice DCC engine with some extra settings (IE: flashing lights, ditch lights.) do they get programed with the DCC controller?
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    I haven't gotten into that much of it yet, guess I need to get a fancey engine...LOL

    Hope it works good for you.


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