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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by cardmodeler, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. cardmodeler

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    The other day I paid a visit to my dentist(not a social one, unfortunately), and after he had finished my newest filling, we got to talking about all the interesting dental gadgetry he uses. He said how liked using small tools and I told him he would probably be good at building models. I told him I did and he asked me about the tools I use, and he then took me to his work room and brought out a tool that he had discarded because one end got broken off. He asked me what kind of tip I would like on it and he commenced to grind the remainder of the end of the tool into a nice rounded tip, perfect for scoring, glue application, etc. The other end has this cool, tiny "spoon" on it which has also proven to be very useful. Adding this one to my collection I now have three primary tools, (besides the knife, scissors, and straight edge) which all began their lives as dental tools. Yes, it can pay to get to know your dentist!:grin:
  2. cgutzmer

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    Awesome! Can you get me one at your next visit? :D
  3. rlwhitt

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    Dang, that's one accomodating dentist! Some great tools come from the dental profession, and you can get a lot of 'em cheap on Ebay and at flea markets.

  4. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Never thought about it... until now! What an idea!!
  5. Mark_1984

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    I have a similar tool that came as part of a clay sculpting tool set - which cost me a couple of quid off E-bay !!
  6. gnAsher

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    I use the attached tool. It has something to do with knitting or lacework I think. I found in a $10 shop (dime store equivalent) in the knitting section. The set of three only cost me HK$10 (US$1.3) and come in 1, 0.9, and 0.75 mm. As you can see it has a little hook, which is great for holding glue, or for hooking under pieces of card to pull them up. The tip is rounded so it doesn't damage the card and can be used for scoring in a pinch. The flatten centre stops it from rolling around, and the handle part makes a very good dowl for rolling cylinders. And I didn'y have to sweat sitting in a dentists chair!:wink:
  7. Kaz

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    Dentists..... argh
    I posted this ages ago and someone posted it not so long back, but for those who missed it take a look at this retired dentists work
    you'll need to scroll down a bit, and click the little pictures

    Andreas, I just bought a 1mm crochet hook, (for that is what they are) and I am mightily impressed with them
  8. gnAsher

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    Crochet, that's it! Funny, I knew the word in German, but not in English. Thanks Kaz. One of the reasons I like using the crochet hook over toothpicks, is I can reuse it and not throw away toothpicks after every session. A little more environmentally friendly.:wink:
  9. hmas

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    Ladies & gentlemen
    lookup dental equipt or medical supplies on the net, go through the catalogues, there are many interesting "toys" that lend themselves to model making, paper plastic etc.
  10. Bluenoser

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    I asked from my Dentist for the small drill and grinding bits that they throw away. She gave me about 60 of these little beauties in about 6 different head styles. I stick them into the Dremel.
    I had so many and I could never use them all, so I ended up giving most of it away to my modelling buddies.

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