Gerry Anderson TV models

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Cut 'n' Paste, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Thanks for those great links Terry & Phil. Much appreciated.

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    Thanks for the link Cut 'n' Paste.. found them ! ~ very nice looking model + crisp build!

    Btb Nice work on the XL5! I'm not sure if its the same model, but I tried to build one way back ( knew nothing about card) I think I got more parts stuck to my fingers than the model. ~ I must have another go at it..

    Gixergs ~ Yep... Mr Bower is the MAN..

    "Oh great starship builder, we are but the jam between your mighty toes.."

    ... wonder if he'd adopt me..?

  3. Cut 'n' Paste

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    To Gixergs (sorry - don't know the real name)
    Wow! Thanks for that link! I'll spend a LOT of time looking through that site! Amazing!

  4. Gixergs

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    Glad you like the site, I feel a bit guilty now for not posting it sooner. I had seen Martin Bowers work in several books and magazines so I was rather pleased myself to find the site. Enjoy it and if any of you clever model designers happen to notice the Anastasia on it .......
    All the best
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  6. Cut 'n' Paste

    Cut 'n' Paste Ex-pat

  7. Gixergs

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    Cut n Paste..yes I did.. No I hadn't Thank you very much.
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    Hi all. Speaking of Gerry Anderson, the entire UFO series was released recently on dvd.
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  10. Cut 'n' Paste

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    Yep. Got all those, thanks. Still searching for Anderson stuff, but I think I have got all there is on the Net now. Maybe I'll just have to get the software to start making my own models, though I don't actually know where to start!

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    Hi Lepton. Your models are great and look forward to the RECOVERY vehicle. Regards, Pete.
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    Any good links for Captain Scarlet Models?

    Cheers JTF
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  14. JT Fox

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    Thanks smyfe, the original series did have cool machine. I must say I do like the computer graphics series too.

    Cheers JTF
  15. peter taft

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    Re:Fireball XL5

    :wave:Hi Graham. I have that same paper model of the FANTASTIC FIREBALL XL5 !, she is my favourite of all the spaceships. I have put a Social Group up called Fireball XL5 Enthusiasts. I am at the moment making a Fireball model and if you pay a visit you may like what you see {Please leave a message with your thoughts} I am upgrading her a wee bit but nothing that will detract from her in anyway. I've included some descriptive text which can be read in single picture view. Regards. Pete.:thumb:
  16. Gixergs

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  17. Paladin

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    Anyone have a way to contact Marc Robitaille or Keith Withers, about the Eagle model they designed from Space 1999? I know Marc had a account on this forum, but it seems he hasn't posted since 2007. I was hoping to get a copy of their highly detailed model. I would be willing to pay them for either the digital or printed copy of it.
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    Hello. I have been here on this Zealot Forum/thread for maybe two weeks now and i have just found this Forum/thread ANDERSON TV MODELS - CUT 'N' PASTE and i thought i'd been blessed with the STINGRAY - GIXERGS Forum/thread then i find this one too and not only that Fireball XL5 is mentioned here aswell - This is my favourite of all the Gerry Anderson Productions. I have put a Forum/thread of my own GERRY ANDERSON - DAVID LAKE where i have put all about a PETITION to get Gerry Anderson the rights to re-make Thunderbirds which the ITV company wont let him do, he has said that he will pay for the production and all the ITV company will have to do is show the programmes - We need to show them that Gerry Anderson still has a lot of support, so will you fellows please sign it. If you haven't read my Forum/thread then the actual PETITION can be directed to here Back to you.

    MAD MODELER a.k.a. Pilsworth

    i did stingray and it should be still in the download section here!!!!!:thumb:
  20. david lake

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    Hello Gary Pilsworth.You are one of my favourite designers ever in this world of paper model making, and i think that all your creations do the original productions great justice. You are indeed a sculptor in the field of paper design. I hope to be putting my own Forum /Thread up for a Stingray and a Fireball XL5 and maybe i will get to make Thunderbird 2 and 4 and if possible 3 and 1. I hope to be doing lots of builds on this really nice forum/thread. I started a Gerry Anderson PETITION here for people to sign, it's on the GERRY ANDERSON - DAVID LAKE Forum/thread so please make your mark and show that Gerry still has alot of support from all of us on this Forum/Thread. Back to you.:wave:

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