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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Cut 'n' Paste, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Cut 'n' Paste

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    Hi everyone.

    I'm currently building card models of anything I can find (free anyway) from the Gerry Anderson TV productions. I've got:
    Fireball XL5
    Thunderbirds 1,2,3,4 and the Mole
    The Angel plane and SHADO vehicle from Capt. Scarlett
    Skydiver, Interceptor and UFO from UFO
    Comlock, Eagle(3 versions) and a Moonbuggy from Space 1999

    Does anyone know of any more? I'd particularly like a model of Supercar, and also anything from Stingray. As I haven't got either the software or the expertise to create my own models, I'm reliant on others. I have, however, altered the Fireball XL5 model to 2X original size, since it's extremely small and fiddly. I've tried to contact the author of the model to get permission to make this model to be made available through this forum, since his website seems to have vanished. If he gives permission, or if he seems to have disappeared, I'll put the model and its revisions in the parts bin.

    Hope to hear from other Andersons fans out there!


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  2. Gixergs

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    Hi I have a Supercar model by Pierre Fontaine, he did the XL5 model I cant for the life of me remember the site I got it from but I would be happy to e-mail you the files.
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  5. Cut 'n' Paste

    Cut 'n' Paste Ex-pat

    Hi folks
    This just in:
    Pierre Fontaine has just contacted me to let me know (as we have found out above) that the Fireball XL5 model is still available at the Fabgear website
    as is Supercar -
    Sorry to Fabgear for giving direct links. Hope everyone will also check out the other fab (sorry) stuff on the main site : Fab Gear Fan Forums
    Many thanks to Pierre for also agreeing to me altering the model to enlarge it for anyone. Find out more about him at
    I will probably ask Fabgear to host the sheets as part of the same thread, but in the meantime, if anyone wants copies, please PM me for an email.

    Cheers folks


    ARMORMAN Guest

    Jaybats has a Hawk

    There's also a SHADO Mobile, Interceptor and Skydiver with sub out there, as well as a couple of Eagles
  7. Alcides

    Alcides Member

    Thanks for sharing !!!
  8. Coot59

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    Help with T-Bird 1

    I built Thunder Bird One from ‘n‘¢ŒNƒpƒp‚̃y[ƒp[ƒ‚ƒfƒ‹Eƒ[ƒ‹ƒh .

    But the bottome of the fuselodge by the "D" in Thunderbird is white not gray. I have tried to fix the file with no success. If I fix the color I change the scale.

    Also where do the lilttle tab like things on page two go? They look like they are for the tail wings, but it doesn't seem to make sense.

    Thanks for the help! :thumb:
  9. Ponytail

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    Hello Coot,

    Sharp observation in the white spot:thumb:

    For the grey squares with tabs: they are indeed the "feet" of the tailwings.
    Perhaps a look on the original-pics can give the answer whether this is a little overdone or just like the 'real' thing! In my memory: they are needed.
    But haven't looked at the series for a long time...

    Show your results! :wave:
  10. lepton

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    Some Thunderbirds I have completed :D

    The Thunderbird-1 was scaled down to be (roughly) consistent with TB-2 and TB-3.

    To Coot59, re the final "D" on TB-1, I simply cut around it and glued it on in front of the bottom fuselage.

    The mole is the most recently completed. I still have the recovery vehicle to do.


  11. Master-Bruce

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    I can't remember if it was Anderson or not, but has anyone done Stingray?
  12. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Stingray was definitely Anderson, but I havent seen a model of one yet
  13. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    btw lepton, very nice builds. Ive made the same ones except TB2 (no time for that one yet). I also made the SID and the UFO mobiles (3 of em), and a Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor.

    They are all excellent models and very nicely designed.

    An enlarged Space 1999 Eagle will be my next Anderson build, I think.
  14. ETDC

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    Superb work! We could learn a thing or two!
  15. Gearz

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    Mr Anderson *Sigh* I was weaned on those amazing shows. Great looking builds! ~ got the link for TB3 ?
  16. Cut 'n' Paste

    Cut 'n' Paste Ex-pat


    Yep. It's the Nifty site, SPPM_ƒ}ƒCEƒ‚ƒfƒ‹
    BTW, there's an excellent model of the Japanese launch vehicle the H2A there as well. Real space, that is (here's my model of it):cool:


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  17. Cut 'n' Paste

    Cut 'n' Paste Ex-pat

    PS forgot to say - choose "No1" in the purple panel on the left, and scroll down for TB3 and TB1. No instructions with either, but should be understandable enough if you look at drawings.
    H2A is in section No3

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    Cool , thanks for the link, always loved StingRay and all the other Anderson stuff,
  20. Gixergs

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    This is another site that features the making of Anderson plus other sci fi models Home
    Cheers Phil

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