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    I noticed in one of the pieces of promotional material from my brother, concerning the GERN logo, that even the logo dates back to at least the 1860s, indicating that the company was most likely in business some time prior to this. I include a copy of the document, below:

    Sir: I write to you with an important discovery! Fresh information recently come to light (I told them they should have replaced that bulb years ago!) in the basement of the GERN Archives in Arnprior; an historical set of GERN logos! Top left you'll see what is believed to be the first official use of the word "GERN" on the logo of the commercial enterprise known at the time simply as Gibson's Flux. It would seem to lend credence to the theory shared by most prominent fluxologists that the term "GERN was indeed an initialism affectionately given to the product by a grateful clientele. Or, as a minority opine, given by a clientele exhausted from repeating the words, "Gibson's Extraordinary Remedial Naturalized Flux" . Nonetheless, it appears this logo may have been in use as early as 1860! Note the distinctive GERN propeller! Top right (circa 1900) we see the initialism emerge as a STANDALONE element sans the traditional four word descriptor with which it had always been so closely associated—but still sporting the popular propeller motif! By 1920 (bottom left) the letters forming the word GERN are united into a single typographical entity and all reference to the original initialism has been abandoned. Finally, on the bottom right we see an undated logo, perhaps as early as 1928, incorporating the famous GERN slogan so familiar in the furthest reaches of the globe today. It is believed a second version of this logo may have existed without the propeller! We'll keep digging!

    yours etc. Amanda Bilgewater, Archivist, The GERN Foundation

    And here are the logos in question:

    I hope that this information will convince all and sundry that it's never too early for GERN. ;):p:-D

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    Thanks, Doc.

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