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  1. I got two hoppers started here is a pic of one and if you look close you can see the cars heritage in the upper right corner.
  2. I got two hoppers here is a pic of one and if you look close in the upper right corner you can see the cars heritage. :oops: yes i got to put more markings on it.

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  3. doctorwayne

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    Lookin' good! :thumb::thumb: The fleet continues to grow. ;):-D

  4. CCT70

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    GERN just finished construction on their Northern California Facility, photos to come!

    (Hmm.... Grand Valley #45 as an industrial "plant switcher"??) :thumb:
  5. doctorwayne

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    Well, it was originally set up for road service, but she's yours now, so why not? ;):-D

    Looking forward to some photos of the new facility.

  6. CCT70

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    I am thinking a short (like 3 mile) spur serving GERN and a few other manufacturing industries on the new layout. A shortline really, just one with very few customers, operating on track owned by PN.
  7. conrailmike

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    AP Wire

    November 8, 2008

    Staff Reporter -- GERN representative Robert Johnson confirmed today that a new GERN facility will be constructed in Johnsontown, IN. The new facility will manufacture Fluxide Halothane, a derivative of the wonder product GERN Flux. Officials from Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail, NYSE:CR) have also confirmed that the railroad has applied for and won right of way permits to service the GERN facility. Conrail officials have stated that the installation of track will commence as soon as possible.

    GERN has been testing Fluxide Halothane now for the past two years and tests show that when added to Ethanol, MPG is improved by 3.5% and burns cleaner an even 3%. The new ethanol plant in Anywhereville, OH (which Conrail also serves) will use the Fluxide Halothane additive in their production of the fuel.

    GERN Industries (GILX), which is native to Canada has seen the amount of their U.S. facilities jump three times in the past couple of years. Every time a new facility has been built with rail access, that rail line has seen a traffic increase of at least 3.3%

    Whatever they are doing, they’re doing it right and that must be why their slogan says it all…. If It’s GERN, It’s Good


    Yeah, so I'm not all that good at fake news reports. Anyways, this will be part of my Conrail layout set somewhere in the midwest/IN/OH. I will post some photos as soon as I can.
  8. So the fleet expands again. This time a 54ft 4 bay covered hopper.:mrgreen:
    Ok doc now i need to know what road numbers are avalible for this type of hopper??? Pm me if you want.

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  9. announce1 The GERN ind plant has been built!!! Of course minus the addition of pipes and storage tanks in to what are being ordered. Once under operation the plant will develope food grade flux products for the bakeries and grain industries. In the first pic is the veiw from the front 2nd pic is the main plant that will make liquid fluxes and the 3rd pic is of the dry flux loading area.

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  10. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    Wow! You're making really rapid progress! :-D:-D

  11. Thanks doc for the compliment and yea it was fast but i had them from the last layout in need of a home and GERN fit the bill and the structures fit GERN. So announce1 If its GERN its good!!:thumb:
  12. jbaakko

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    Dang that Gern complex bears a striking similarity to my bakery complex...
  13. Wow Jbaakko your right it does minus the 2nd track in the front by the hopper:mrgreen: Perhaps Gern flux products will make it to your bakery:p For the Gern plants first products will be flux-syrup and flux-cane that will make cakes and other goods 3% tastier and yeild 3.2% more goodies than your average syrups and sugar canes.
  14. Jim Krause

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    Is GERN Flux in the same chemical family as Di-acoustical Infusioria' (can't remember which well known model railroader came up with that one). Incidently, there's a rumor afloat that the EPA may ban GERN flux in the US. China may start producing it for use in baby formula. Babies will grow 3% faster.
  15. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    "And", as the voice in the old Pall Mall commercials used to intone, "they are mild!" ;):-D:p

  16. doctorwayne

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    The rumour of a ban on GERN Brand Flux is totally unfounded, and, of course, contrary to the spirit and intentions of NAFTA. GERN plants nationwide, in both the U.S. and Canada, along with their counterparts in Great Britain and Germany are among the few industrial operations doing well financially and most are actually hiring more employees, a refreshing reversal in these tough economic times.
    The Chinese claim to have first refined flux over 3,000 years ago, and there are well-chronicled tales of flux mining and refining in Roman times in Britain. While there is archeological evidence to support the Chinese claims, flux became a banned substance during the Cultural Revolution, as its tendency to make everything at least 3% better was seen as a decadent western influence. As a result, all future Chinese flux operations will come under the GERN umbrella, as the Company holds all worldwide rights to the mining, refining, milling, and distribution of flux or flux-based products. GERN standards of quality control are extremely stringent, and non-compliance will be dealt with severely.

  17. nolatron

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    November 11, 2008

    UTAH (Reuters) -- GERN continued today to announce plans to expand production of it's today newly created product Fluxide Halothane. The latest facility is located in Elmwood, Utah (55 miles South of Salt Lake City, Utah).

    This particular facility will receive it's raw Flux product from the South Texas mine to product a variety of Fluxide Halothane that will be used in the steel industry to produce steel that's 4.2% stronger, but 3.7% lighter. More particularly, it's the secret behind transparent aluminum.

    The facility also includes a small distrubution center where other GERN Flux products will arrive by rail for transport out to non-rail served customers by truck. Union Pacific agreed to service the facilities Right-of-way and recently completed track work for the 3 service tracks and a lead track for switching cars within the facility. GERN will lease a switcher and handle this process themselves.

    The facility in Elmwood is near completion with most structures in place. Hydro-testing on the facilities' system will take place in the coming weeks and production is expected to start early 2009.

    File Photo:

    (Been looking for a GERN story, so thought I might expand on this new product if that's ok)
  18. Looks like a interesting site Nolatron:thumb: Any chance for a bigger pic?
  19. nolatron

    nolatron Member

    here ya go:


  20. Much better thanks and love the tankcar unloading rack:thumb: One question what will the 2nd building be used for if i may ask??

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