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    Well, I think that the RG&S may have stubled onto something. With fuel prices skyrocketing, they have been looking at fuel saving costs. They have experimented with a diesel/Gern Flux mix, and hve found they are getting 3% more MPG and it burns 3% cleaner too:mrgreen: They are also going to experiment with it as a oil and lubricant additive.
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    GERN's Wisconsin Division can fill you in on the many automotive uses of GERN products. ;):-D:-D

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    I plan to take the Scottish GERN plant to the GBTS this month. With the car of coal, the car of haggis and the car of sacks of Flux.
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    I have been thinking of all the industries that benefit from GERN Industrial Flux and the copious other GERN products. I cannot think of a single industry where GERN wouldn't be useful: As we all know, "If it's GERN, it's good!"

    Lumber: GERN's Steelier Saw Blades, featuring 3% sharper teeth; as mentioned previously, GERN Re-Growth; GERN chainsaws produce 3% more power to cut down 3% more trees than other leading brands; heck, even GERN tug boats on the river which can gather, sort and organize different pools of logs 3% more efficiently...

    Mining, shipping, steel, lumber, food products, processing plants of all sorts can enjoy a 3% lighter load with freight cars imbued with GERN's Industrial Flux.

    I, myself, am in the process of building a GERN Mechanically Separated Processed Meat Products center, which boasts of 3% tastier products. (Your kids will thank you!) I am even toying with the idea of a GERN Faster Frozen Meals plant, which will allow housewives (it's 1954 on my layout) to prepare dinner 3% faster for her family. (It seems that GERN beat Gary Thomas of Swanson's to the punch by 3 months.)

    That is what I love about model railroading and GERN. There is no end to what can be.

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    I think that both the Wisconsin and Michigan GERN divisions can be of assistance in that area.
    I have heard recent reports that GERN diesel additives will be topping the 7% increase in mileage mark. Let us not forget the days of old when Flux helped steam engines convert less water to more steam. I don't recall the numbers though...
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    Now I don't know this to be a fact, but rumor has it that a very large manufacturing facility will be available in the near future with rail and truck service one indoor track and 2 outdoor tracks. about 10 truck docks. it is located at Big Ugly W.Va. This is about 30 miles from the state capital which has a large Chemical industry presence including Dupont and Dow. The job market in the area is not very good. So labor should be no problem. It may become available as soon as fall of 1948. let me know if this sounds interesting to Gern industries. It is located along the east west main line of the C&O railway
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    GERN to move it's facilities to Mt. Morris, MI

    After several problems with the Saginaw City Council, and the Mayor's office, GERN has announced it's plan to build in the City of Mount Morris, MI. The new grounds will be located on the east side of the Pere Marquette Wixom Subdivision main line, at the south terminus of Church Street.
    While this curtails barge traffic directly to the sight, it will not slow the manufacturing of Flux, and places it closer to the primary customers in the Michigan market, the Auto Industry. They also have several other markets in the Michigan area: Coal mining, scrap metal recycling, lumber and forest products industries, military applications, and fuel additives.
    GERN, the maker of Flux, has marketed their product as a "Wonder Substance" that comes in many forms, and has application in every facet of life. Food, Medicine, Automotive, Toys, Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel Fuel, Aviation fuel, Steel, Scrap Metal recycling, building materials, well this list could continue but I think the point has been made.

    Seriously, my GERN facility will consist of several DPM structures, starting with the "Power House" kit, and a few variations of DPM's 3 in 1 kits.
    I opted to relocate it because of design changes to my layout, and my decision to lean away from freelancing. The new location lends itself better to prototype fidelity.
    As I have pictures to share, I will place them on my official layout page:
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    Many industries may be on a downward slide...But it looks like GERN is going strong..!!! Hope it works out for you....:thumb:
  9. 60103

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    You'll need an interchange with GTW for you other major destination: Battle Creek.
    And a few more connections for the cherry industry in Lelanau.
  10. MasonJar

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    I don't know... those numbers seem mighty high. We're used to more hard numbers and proven facts, like 3%, and "making plaid upholstry possible".

    ;) :D sign1

  11. 60103

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    This story has been confirmed.
    Thomas Bata was looking to expand his business to Africa so he sent a salesman down each coast to check.
    The first one reported back: "No business opportunity here, Nobody wears shoes."
    The second one said: "Fantastic business opportunity! Nobody wears shoes."

    We need salesmen like that.
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    Having been involved in the upholstered furniture industry for a good part of my adult life, I can attest to the fact that it does make plaid upholstery possible. We prepared a "secret" mix of GERN flux and other propietary additives which gave us beautiful results. Our sales "boomed" in the range of 3.3%..... :eek:
  13. iis612

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    And I will interchange with the GTW just South of Buick City at the Atwood Jct.
    PM already has northern lines to the Traverse City area, Michigan Cherries are sent out every season in earnest. Of course, GERN Flux will have to be sent north during the germination season as well, an increase of 3% in the annual yield should put a smile on the farmers faces.sign1
  14. GERN Ltd. expanding again:eek: yes it may be true. There are verious talks going on between local industries and Mr.Rob Genson who is talking with the parent company and the town of Eaton in New York about breaking ground for a new plant in the area.
  15. GERN has talked with Mr. Genson and he has got a green light on the plant that will reaserch and develop flux sweetners and aditives for corn and grain industries. Even tho the town of Eaton has not answered back on the proposed site.
  16. All is a go!! Now that permision has been granted Mr Genson has got a blue print for a 58ft x 115ft main building . Now to find a construction company to get the ball rolling:mrgreen:
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    GERN Industries Announce Possible NASCAR Partnership

    AP Wire

    3 November 2008

    Staff Reporter -- GERN officials announced today that a research group will be established in the Charlotte area to determine if the Flux-o-leum line of products would have direct application to NASCAR. Race officials met with various team owners to review the GERN application requirements. The approval process should be finalized in the next few weeks and could be sanctioned in time for the 2009 race season.

    The Flux-o-leum product line is extensively used in Canada, and several manufacturing facilities were recently formed in the US to supply the growing American product demand. NASCAR believes the Flux will become the official "sanctioned" lubrication chemical to decrease friction and increase wear on high heat-stressed engine parts. This could reduce critical engine part failure during races thereby improving engine reliability. Additionally, several team crew chiefs are wondering if adding Flux to their "wheel-man" knee pads will allow them to shave precious seconds off the time it takes for the two pit crewmen responsible for wheel replacement to slide into position. NASCAR drivers have quietly wondered if the product can be placed on the rear bumpers of their cars, reducing the friction and therefore the chance slight pressure from a competitor drivers front bumper will "get their car loose" and spin them to the wall. "I like using the stuff around the shop at home, so I'm glad to see it being picked up by NASCAR, that Flux works real good. Much more better than other products," said driver Hunter Gatherer. GERN officials have been in negotiations with several of the larger teams exploring the possibility of team sponsorship.

    Both GERN and NASCAR officals have indicated that if approved, the Flux manufacturing plant will be located near downtown Charlotte close to truck and rail service. Norfolk Southern (NS) officials have already applied for right of way permits to service the proposed sight utilizing track owned and operated by the Norfolk Southern - Ballantyne Division. Charlotte city transportation officials have already given tentative approval to Norfolk Southern's permit application. "We may look into using the product in our diesel engines as well," said K. C. Jones, VP of Lubrication, Fuels and Solvents for Norfolk Southern. "If it runs well in NASCAR under their high heat requirements, there is a possibility the product might reduce our diesel engine wear and tear. We run at lower temps but for longer duration."

    //Corrections to previous article - Removed incorrect information linking Flux and Krispy Kream doughnuts sweet covering. The sticky sweet doughnut covering is indeed liquified sugar and not Flux as originally reported.//
  18. charles

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    Hi! :wave: My name is Charles Gibson, and I approve these ads. ;)

    you can call me Cookie
  19. MasonJar

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    Are you sure those donuts don't contain dessert-grade flux? And can you verify any rumours that NASCAR race car seats will use plaid upholstery? ;)

  20. Herc Driver

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    My sources at in the press have confirmed that the dessert grade flux is not used by the Krispy Kream company, but were quick to point out that Dunkin Donuts did not return their calls.

    Unfortunately within the NASCAR community there is a widely held belief that plaid upholstery slows a driver down when entering and exiting their cars. It is belived this stems from an incident that happened to Junior Johnson when he was running shine. Seems he outran the law, but couldn't get out of the car in time when they forced him to stop at a roadblock set up at a bridge. (He blamed the plaid upholstery in his Packard.) That gave the state police just enough time to slap the cuffs on Junior. The whole event cost him two cases of premium white lightning and $100. The rest is history.

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