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    Thanks Gary!

    You're right - them thar magnetical uncouplation doo-hickeys is important. ;)

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    Hey Doc, what can Gern do for Wine Production? Maybe it's time for the California North Eastern to get in on the action. I have a quarry here that needs a purpose and a winery that is the railroads business mainstay, maybe it's time to bring Gern out west? Do you have decals available to purchase for 40' covered hoppers and tank cars for the 1960's era? My layout is set in 1962, and I'd also like to add a billboard and/or advertisement on the side of my new Blair Line General Store kit among the Double Cola ads, candy ads, etc.

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    Flux has been used for hundreds of years in the winemaking process, although this was mainly from residual amounts of it in the soil where the grapes were grown. Once the presence of flux in the wine had been scientifically established, over one hundred years ago, and scientists realised that it acted as an artificial aging agent, winemakers everywhere searched for a way to perfect a useable flux additive. All such attempts failed, mainly because common flux is insoluble.
    Enter Charles "Cookie" Gibson: inventor, adventurer, entrepreneur, flux magnate, oenophile, and all-around bon vivant. In a late night laboratory accident, he stumbled upon the needed secret ingredient. By the time the patent was granted, Gibson had secured world-wide rights, in perpetuity, to all flux deposits, known and as-yet undiscovered, and his GERN Industries quickly became the force in flux.
    If you'd like to make your wine old before its time and up to 3% smoother, GERN Brand Flux is the product for you. You can join the fine family of fabulous flux factory owners simply by sending along your e-mail address in a pm to me. In return, you'll get not one, not two, but three, yes three hi-res jpgs for GERN Brand Flux Products, and, as a special bonus, a full-colour ad for some of GERN's many fine products. But wait! That's not all! If you act quickly, we'll also include a multi-colour rendition of the famous GERN logo, all absolutely free! Yes! You heard right! Free!

    Anyway, I have no lettering for GERN rolling stock - mine was done with dry transfer alphabet sets, and is in a variety of styles. You could also use decal alphabet sets, or create your own, if you're able. GERN cars are either covered hoppers or tankcars, (except in Great Britain, where there are some open goods wagons in service) and can be of any type suitable for your modelling era. Most GERN operations also use rolling stock from railroads nearby, both prototype and freelanced, so the sky's the limit here. If you do build GERN cars (GILX reporting marks), let me know what you have so that I can assign car numbers - this will avoid duplicates, which would really screw things up as far as interchange is concerned. If you model an actual GERN facility, whether a mine, milling works, processing plant or distribution centre, you can name your particular branch, and you can also make up a fictional CEO. (The latter will give you a good excuse to run a private car for "business travel".
    The ads and artwork provided free have been in constant use, unchanged, from the early 1900s. This surprises many newcomers to GERN, especially when they see the automobile and airliner featured in the ad, but Mr. Gibson, always the innovator, was well-ahead of his time (at least 4.83% ahead). ;)
    We at GERN Headquarters look forward to hearing from you soon, Tom.

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    More History

    Flux was originally discovered in the highlands of Scotland. One of the dissolved minerals in highland streams, it lent a certain "wha' kens it the noo'?" to whiskey. The mineral by itself was found on the shores of the Tay at low tide.
    King James V granted rights to harvest and package flux to William McKenzie who established a packaging and distribution centre in Perth, near where the railroad later came through (probably because of the flux traffic).
    We'll have photograhs of the mill and the wagons later, also some of the haggis, fresh from the mine, being delivered for the workmen's lunch.

    I believe that deposits were later discovered in America, in the deserts of Louisiana.
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    Thanks for filling in more of the illustrious history of GERN and Flux. ;) :D


    Haggis fresh from the mine...?

    See Haggis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have been lucky enough to be at several Robbie Burns Day feasts, where the 'Ode to the Haggis' is read, and the haggis then "dispatched" by a kilted officer with a sword, no less...!

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    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    BREAKING NEWS: This just in...

    Dateline: Lowbanks, Ontario. GERN HQ -

    - Radical development in world of wine!
    - Less feet - more flavour!
    - OenoFlux™ makes wine production easier!

    A radical breakthrough from GERN's dedicated staff has changed the world of wine-making forever. Working for seventeen years, scientists at GERN's Food Sciences Laboratory have succeeded in making Flux soluable.

    So now, adding patented OenoFlux™ from GERN-Brand Family of Flux Products to the wine-making process means 3% less stomping is required.

    Be sure to ask your retailer for other GERN-Brand Flux products:

    Original Flux
    … from our Industrial Applications Plant

    Flux-O-Lium Airfoil Paint
    … from our Aeronautics & Space Administration (GASA)

    Steamglide Liquid Flux
    … from our Domestic Engineering Office

    … from our Health Improvement Division

    Dessert-grade Flux (now with new & improved soluable Flux!)
    … from our Food Sciences Laboratories

    If it's GERN, it's GOOD.

    - 30 -

    ;) :D

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    Thanks for that press release, Andrew. I'm pleased to see that folks in the GERN family are keeping the light-hearted nature of GERN in the forefront. GERN lite - tastes great, less filling. ;):-D

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    Hey, Charlie, there's nothing more natural than GERN Brand Flux - double refined naturally with wholesome chemicals, just like Mom used to make. ;)

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    Geez guys, with the rate GERN is rapidly expanding across North America and Europe, I sure wish I had stock in the company. sign1

    (Hmmm...... that's NOT a bad idea....)

    Here's the real estate where my Flux Quarry is moving into in the Sonoma Valley "Wine Country" area of California:


    I am also considering doing a Business Car (my layout is set in 1962, so, ignore the 1970's cars in the photo). I was thinking of doing a business car model in HO that we could send around to the various layouts kind of like the Gauge Car that we did a few years back. Anyone interested?
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    It might work, although I believe we already have at least three different scales involved: HO, N, and OO.

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    There are 2 cars in existence lettered for "Wat & Sons Haggis Mine".
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    just wondering --- are there any Gern products for has-been hockey players who still think they can play the game
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    It's good for what ails you: it'll help you keep your stick up and your head on the ice. :eek: Or is it the other way around? :rolleyes::p

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    That is one impressive industry! :thumb:

    Love that CF7!
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    The morning supplies are being delivered to the GERN establishment at Perth (upper) in Scotland. A carload of large lumps of coal is being delivered in one of GERN's own wagons, while the employees' lunch has arrived from the Wat & Son's Haggis mine. Sacks of flux will be shipped out in the other wagon.

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    Looks great, David, I was wondering when we were finally going to get to see it. ;) Large lumps of coal indeed! And those haggis' (haggii?) aren't exactly "wee" either. :eek:

  18. 60103

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    Aye, but they get biled doon.

    I do need to work on the backdrop. Remember tartan skies?
  19. MasonJar

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    Remember that Gern brand Original Flux (from the Industrial Applications Division) makes plaid backdrops possible... ;) :D

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    That's true, and they also cornered the market on tartan underwear. Unfortunately, the bottom fell out of that one, for reasons best left to one's imagination. ;) (Och, it's grewsome!) :-D


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