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    :wave: from OZ,

    Do any of you know of the above model (German Torpedo Boat Destroyer "Jaguar") being available as a card model? It was listed in the 'rarities' section at The Paper Model Store, but that section appears to no longer exist.

    My reason for chasing this particular ship, when my interest is ALLIED light coastal forces is -- It was this ship that ML 306 ran into on her way out of St Nazaire after the Op Chariot raid and for any of you who may not know, it was on ML 306 which SGT Tom Durrant was awarded a posthumous VC on the recommendation of Jaguar's captain.

    I thought it might be nice to have a model of a 900 ton ship being attacked by a flimsy wooden 40 odd ton ML with Tom Durrant hoping to sink or at least frighten off the German ship with a Lewis gun.

    I have looked at a number of card model retail sites, but so far no luck and I'm thinking SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE may just know if this model exists.

    Roger Pearson.
    Bendigo, Australia.:mrgreen::mrgreen:
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    Hello 'Dragos',

    It seems I cannot reply to the private message you posted, so I will respond here. Thankyou for your kind gesture, my e-mail address is

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    I've send you an email.
  5. RogerP

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    Thanks Dragos,

    I now have the kit.


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