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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by finkem5, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. finkem5

    finkem5 German Bundesbahner

    Hi - hope I'm using this Intro forum correctly by posting a new thread - or was I supposed to reply to some other post / thread?

    Hobby: model railroad
    Status: armchair (had a minitrix as a child)

    but: I just ordered a lot of "stuff" and want to get going with a 6' x 3' layout. n-scale, german prototype. scenic ridge package, but only as package for the "terraform" approach, my layout will be different.

    so far I was planning on kato unitrack (have some from a few years ago), but now I learned about tomix which have a much better selections of turnouts (curved, double-slip). ordered 2 starter packs (with curved turnouts). will check if i like this.

    first new rolling material: minitrix v100, plus 4 convert coaches (just ordered)

    more too come soon, i'm sure
  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Welcome aboard!
    There's no requirement to build anything as described after you've bought it. :mrgreen:

    What are convert coaches?
    Will the Tomix track mate with Kato? I know in HO each manufacturer has his own style of end and they aren't compatible (unless you take a saw to them). You can make a compromise section by cutting a Tomix and Kato straight section in half and joining the cut ends. Usually not pretty.
  3. finkem5

    finkem5 German Bundesbahner

    converts, tomix & kato

    Convert coaches: Post-war German passenger cars, "converted" from other, pre-war material. Wiki says: "The Umbau-Wagen or Umbauwagen was a type of German railway passenger coach operated by the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) which appeared in the mid-1950s. The name means "rebuild coach" and they were made by rebuilding or converting former state railway compartment coaches, many of which were over 30 years old.

    Wiki doesn't have pictures. See for example (# 8096 on Reyauld's Euro-Imports. [I actually put the link here, but the zealot forum won't let me put it here, so you'll have to google yourself.)

    Kato and Tomix track are not compatible. However, I believe that Kato's "snap-track conversion track" can be used to go from Kato to Tomix (in fact it's been created for conversion to Tomix, not to Atlas - it just happens to match Atlas, too). That's what I think, anyway - I've ordered some Kato conversion tracks.

  4. Maico Shark

    Maico Shark Guest

    We're glad to welcome you aboard and hope you'll share your set-up progress with us as you build.
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